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Lemon and Dill Chicken Soup

November 17th, 2015 No Comments »


I saw this on Irene‘s Instagram some time back and made a mental note to bookmark it. That whole combination of lemon and dill sounded good and chicken soup for me is comfort food really. I omitted the pasta but it can be added in if you want carbs. The taste is refreshing, light, slightly lemony and I love how dill spruces up the flavor. For the chicken, I used a different recipe so pick which you fancy. This method by the Kitchn is excellent and the breast meat came out so tender and juicy. It’s going to be used for my salads in future as well.

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Steamed Dumplings

November 16th, 2015 No Comments »


There’s a Korean brand of frozen pork and vegetable dumplings that I love. I usually keep a packet for a quick meal and Erica once told me that it is easy to make my own and freeze them. It took me a long time (I believe months or maybe years) to get down to doing it and glad I finally did because it sure is easy.

I am trying to eat cleaner meaning cut out as much processed and frozen food as possible. As a friend said, anything that comes out of a packet, surely can’t be that good. It is really the preservatives and addictives that aren’t the best and fresh is always better I supposed. While making these dumplings do take some time, it isn’t difficult and I found it rather therapeutic to make them. I made a batch, froze them and had them steamed or with my homemade chicken soup. Either way, it was so good. I do need to get my hands on shaoxing wine though. I’ve omitted that simply because I didn’t have it.

Original recipe was taken from here. and modified slightly. Going to try different variations next.

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November 15th, 2015 No Comments »


I might really have found the best char siew in Singapore. It is a bit of a bold statement but just look at the picture above.

My favorite char view rice used to be at a coffee shop at Enggor Street. I am not sure if it still exists, but I do remember that it used to sell out by 1pm daily. The char siew was the kind that was charred nicely and came accompanied with thick black sauce.

I’ve been seeing the Mitzo char siew photographed on Instagram regularly. So when I met Z for dinner and she asked me to pick a place, I suggested this. It felt strange that the restaurant was pretty empty – perhaps it’s more popular for brunch. Having said that, no complains really.

I can’t recall what else we ordered but they were all pretty good. The definite top two favorites which I’ll return any day for are the char siew and truffle duck. The char siew is so crazy good, I don’t even know how to describe it. It’s charred to perfection and the edges are caramelized such that it tastes a tad sweet. The pork is marbled with just enough of fats to make it tender and juicy and it literally melts in your mouth. I could seriously just have that serving on my own with rice. As for the truffle duck, while it sounds strange, it worked well. Slightly on the salty side, it definitely needs some rice to go with but nonetheless juicy pieces of meat.

Seriously need to return for the char siew soon..

Mitzo Restaurant & Bar
Level 4 Grand Park Orchard

270 Orchard Road Singapore 238857
+(65) 6603 8855
Opens: Mon-Thurs, 12-230pm, 630-midnight, Fri-Sun, Public Holidays and Eve of PH, 12-230pm, 630pm-1am

Kiel’s Daily Reviving Concentrate

November 12th, 2015 No Comments »


Earlier this year in April, Kiehl’s launched the Daily Reviving Concentrate, a lightweight facial oil for daytime defenses. When it comes to beauty facial oils, Kiehl’s is actually not new to the game. 5 years ago saw the launch of a very successful best-selling Midnight Recovery Concentrate. For most of my friends that use Kiehl’s products, the majority use the Midnight Recovery Concentrate with rave reviews.

I’ve been using the Midnight Recovery Concentrate for awhile now and only do so at night as it is rich. The Daily Reviving Concentrate was developed based on research that showed how different our skin behaves during the day versus at night. During the day, the skin is fatigued defending itself from the environmental stress and oxidation. At night, while you are asleep, the skin works to repair what has been damaged during daytime.

The formulation created by Kiehl’s chemists consists of 100% natural origin ingredients. The blend of essential and botanical oils work to support the skin’s natural defense system resulting in visibly improved radiant skin over time. Ginger root oil, sunflower seed oil and tamanu oil work together to protect the skin cells from the harsh sun-rays, stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, increase skin hydration and smoothness and reduce skin inflammation and redness.


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Oven-Roasted Eggplant with Caramelized Miso

November 11th, 2015 No Comments »


For those that hate eggplants, this recipe might change your mind. Give it a try. I promise.. it is good. Taken from one of my favorite food bloggers |


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November 8th, 2015 1 Comment »



The quality of being thankful. A simple word that I believe everyone comprehends. But, how many of us, are actually grateful? Or, how many of us, mostly take our blessings for granted? It is not about being religious.. or poetic.. or preachy. The last couple of months have been somewhat life changing for me. Perhaps, that is almost too dramatic a phrase to use – “Life changing”. However, when you start looking inwards, your ‘inner garments’, reflecting on how you want to lead your life and change it for the better, that’s life changing, no?

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Fresh Figs Toast with Butter Honey Thyme

October 18th, 2015 No Comments »


Super sad that figs season has come to an end. I’m glad I managed to snag a few boxes so I’m savoring it while it lasts. There are so many ways to eat a fresh fig – grill, bake, make it into a dessert etc but I love eating it fresh. I get excited whenever the figs are nicely ripen, deep purple skins, soft when gently prodded and the insides are a beautiful hue of red. I can eat it on its own but most of the time, I like to drizzle a little yuzu honey or eat it with some salty feta.

A recent favorite is a recipe I saw off this blog, thyme is one of my favorite herbs and who can resist honey and butter? I got a fresh loaf of orange walnut bread and it pairs nicely with the honey-butter reduction. Can’t get enough of this!

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