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Skin pampering

August 3rd, 2011 No Comments »

Every weekend or so, I have something called ‘beauty-night’. That means I take a few extra steps to pamper my skin and hair and that includes (some or all depending if I have time) a facial mask, hair mask and foot scrub. Each time after I return from a trip, I feel this great need for all these extra pampering because air travel, correction, long haul flights take a toll out of the system. My skin feels dehydrated and aged mostly -_-

For my recent birthday, I received a very thoughtful gift (pictured above) from J. She said it would come in useful for my travels. Initially, I thought it was a generous sized tube of hand moisturizer which I coincidentally happen to use this same scent and brand and I was going to slather it all over my hands before I slept when I realized it’s meant to be used as a scrub *doh. So for the first time, I tried out a hand scrub, and those little exfoliant beads felt like scented sand on my hands and it felt great! I had to be careful not to get over-enthusiastic and over-scrub. My hands felt really soft and smooth after so I’m now officially sold on this.

For those frequent travelers, this might be a great addition to your beauty stash. I’ve an upcoming trip to Seoul and methinks it’s time to stock up on (affordable) beauty masks and products! I use the ones from Face Shop – any other recommendations, please comment or email.

Another recent beauty find that I would like to share is the M.A.C Prep and Prime Transparent Finishing Powder. I don’t use heavy foundation or pressed powder and usually either put a type of baby powder over my face – love Bare Escentuals but it causes me to break out so I gave away mine. I decided to try out the M.A.C powder and it doesn’t give coverage but provides a matte finish since my facial sunblock gives me face a slight ‘shiny’ look which I don’t fancy. I’ve used it for several weeks and like how light it feels. I use it on its own with no other base so I’m not sure what the effect is if used with powder, but check it out if you are looking for a similar type of finishing powder.

Much as I have a weird obsession with make-up and buy more than I actually use or need, I usually don’t use a lot of it and stick to the mantra that a thorough and good cleansing routine is better for the skin than piling on make-up for coverage. Cleanse, tone, miracle water (for me), moisturize and sunblock application is all you really need and a touch of blush and eyebrow drawing and lash repair.

H&M Home

August 3rd, 2011 1 Comment »


Bright Bazaar totally nailed the description on H&M’s latest Home collection – which I don’t have the skill to write that descriptively well so pop over to read more on it.

BUT, in a single sentence, I’m totally and completely excited about H&M’s latest initiative because it looks like it’s Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, a touch of Crate & Barrel and all the other American home decor brands that I love, rolled into this rustic homely mix that is both enticing and screaming ‘ BUY ME NOW’. It’s like Ikea prices but nicer in design and style.


Can I have another place to decorate please?

So I had to share this at midnight and also, I’m really excited because H&M is opening in Singapore (finally) in September and I do hope this range will hit our shores. I’m currently drooling over the tea towels, bath towels, linen basket holders and almost everything. For those living in Europe, I’m officially jealous of you right now.

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