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Something old, to keep and remember

October 7th, 2011 2 Comments »

My Enid Blyton (favorite) series of The Enchanted Woods and The Wishing Chair is now complete. It took me months to source for them and have them shipped over – one took EIGHT long weeks. My Dad’s laughing his head off at his dumbo daughter who had the entire collection of Enid Blyton (over 250 books) which I sold to Sunny Second Hand bookstore for extra pocket money and now spent more money retrieving them back. Oh well. Some memories are priceless and worth keeping.

For other random photos of the weeks, click below the cut.

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Cartoon prints

October 7th, 2011 4 Comments »

I’ve gone (really) daring with prints. I’m trying to keep the kid in me (*grin) but you know what? Sometimes, having a fun print on your dress does bring a cheer to an otherwise crazy hectic work day.

And because my sis and I have the same taste in clothing, she got the exact same two dresses as I did! I wished we still live in the same house so that we can still share our clothes (both similar height and size though she’s slightly tinier), but it’s tough so we land up getting one each.

On a related note, I am very pleased to have found an alternative seamstress to Clancy – Clancy still does a great job but it’s slightly more expensive and less convenient, so I am so happy that I’ve finally found one that works. My denim ‘Fly me to the moon’ blue and red polka dotted dress was too big. This dress is meant to resemble a two-piece so the top looks tucked over, but the smallest size cutting was tad big. So I got it altered (back nipped and taken in and some re-adjustments made), and for SGD$15, I’m mighty pleased.

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