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Don’t throw away that coffee powder

October 13th, 2011 No Comments »



All you coffee drinkers out there, don’t chuck away the coffee powder! Well, that’s if you are a purist and drink coffee from grounded beans. Used coffee powder is great fertilizer for plants. A friend forwarded the information to me and I started using some of it for my plant and it works. The only problem is storing it. I tried to store a container of it but the moisture in the coffee powder caused it to turn mouldy after a few days.

Tea apparently works as well. It is said that you can place the used tea bag onto the soil and decomposition happens quickly. I tried that and well, that’s fine but I prefer to pour the tea contents onto the soil.

Happy weekend!


Cotton Candy Friends

October 13th, 2011 4 Comments »

What I love most about Japan and Korea is the wide array of cutsey (but practical) nic-nacs such as stationary, storage solutions, accessories for the iPhone etc. There are a couple of shops here in Singers that stock such items but they are scattered all over and some of the prices are high.

I received a sweet note from Cotton Candy Friends asking if I would be keen to reviewed products from the online store which stocks a delightful selection of paper goods, cute accessories like wire-winders, pens, pouches and organizing solutions sourced mostly from Korea. I hopped over and landed up spending more time than expected, surfing and surfing. I said YES of course! I was invited to select a couple of items and was seriously spoilt for choice. T was rather amused that I spent almost an hour deciding on what to pick!

Before I dive deep into product reviews, let me share what I like about this adorable online store. It is easy to navigate, the site is so cheerful looking, it makes you smile. The merchandise is clearly classified and if you are in a hurry to pick out an item, simply click on the gift ideas for some nifty suggestions, or check out the top sellers and if you merely want to see what is new, the ‘fresh on the island’ link is always useful. To be updated on the latest and freshest items, just ‘Like’ the Facebook page.

The products are not only affordable, they are very practical. I think Mommies would love this site especially for their kids’ birthday parties as you can easily pick out a few items for the goodie bags or even get stationary that your daughters would absolutely love for school, all in one place.  And even if you are not intending to buy anything for your kids, I’m sure you’ll find something that you adore. Like heart-shaped measuring spoons with lovely phrases engraved on it!

Read on more (below the cut) to see what I pick out for myself. It includes some travel packing solutions (thought it was apt since I did a travel tips post which proved popular amongst you readers), something for cooking (couldn’t resist!) and a couple more ‘arww cute’ items.

*This is a sponsored post.

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