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March 6th, 2012 No Comments »

Ignore my eye candy behind 😛

It wasn’t intentional when I got dressed and landed up with a sprinkle of sparkles all over me. I had a light dusting of sparkles on my cheeks, sparkly pink nails, sparkly threading in my shorts, a sparkly ring and a strip of sparkly sequins sewn on my top! Luckily it was all quite subtle and it didn’t look as though I was going out clubbing instead of a BBQ.

As I was in flats all week, I decided to bust out my wedges (a rarity on weekends) and it’s one of my favorite pairs! It’s starting to yellow *sob, so I hope I can find a replacement soon.. though I plan to wear it till the soles get worn off or something.

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March 6th, 2012 4 Comments »

Some of my loot


One of my favorite explorations this trip was at Jiyugaoka. It is also known as one of the trendiest neighborhoods in Tokyo and you can find tons of ‘zakka shops’ here. Although it’s quite a distance (via metro/JR) from mid-town say Shinjuku, I’d say it’s a worthwhile trip. I’ll recommend spending half a day or more here to leisurely browse around.

There are numerous little shops here but I’ve noted down a couple of my favorites and have included the details as far as I could so that you can enjoy them as well. There are many clothing stores here – both local designers and vintage, but what I was really focused on were the shops selling household items like cute linen tea towels, bottles, jars, vintage ware etc. If I had more space at home, I would definitely have bought more!

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