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Of what to come

March 24th, 2012 4 Comments »

In my previous recipe post on Salty caramel ice cream, I raved about homemade ice cream which is the best cooking discovery (so far) for me! And yes! I did order an ice cream maker and a pasta machine (snagged from the factory outlet for a fab deal!).


The ice cream above is not homemade but rather, probably our last bought commercial ice cream (at least for awhile) which we are trying to finish up before we start churning out ice cream! I’ve already researched on ice cream recipes to try out (excluding the ones that came in the complimentary recipe booklet!) – lavender (of course! I still need to finish up the copious amount of flower heads..), Pear Sake, basil mint chocolate chunk, pistachio gelato and more. I’m so excited with the prospects of making more desserts from scratch including the ice cream. Isn’t that awesome?

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Some enchanted evening

March 24th, 2012 2 Comments »

I came back with a loot of nail polish from the U.S – thank goodness none broke and I actually brought bubble wrap to package it back, and as they are two brands that I’ve never tried and aren’t easily available here in Singapore, I thought I’ll share some reviews in case you want to make an order from Amazon.

I was very attracted to Deborah Lippman’s nail polishes as they mostly come in glitter. Reviews online are good and it’s reasonably priced (not bad at all for all that glitter!). Also, it’s a popular polish amongst A-list celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker! It was tough trying to decide on just two colors! I wanted to get so many of it but decided to just be conservative and try out two first. Some enchanted evening was one of the colors that I picked out because I love pink hues.

The polish (for this color) is a transparent base with suspended glitter. The glitter comes in two sizes – large pieces and specks which I thought is a great effect. I used the Chanel basecoat (which I’m really loving by the way) before applying Some Enchanted Evening. I’ve read that it doesn’t cause staining so I guess you can opt to use it on its own. It glides on easily but I did find it difficult to get the brush to pick up enough glitter to apply. So you’ll need at least 3 coats if you want more glitter to cover the nails. If you just want a random splatter of glittery specks, 1-2 coats should be sufficient. I topped it off using a clear coat by Essie. Love my nails now! And I think it will last longer or at least, it won’t be so unsightly when it chips or grows out!

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