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Crispy pork belly

April 30th, 2012 No Comments »

Not exactly how it’s meant to look like – this crispy roast pork which resembles more like German pork knuckles, is still considered quite a successful attempt by T. He brined the pork belly for 24 hours then sous vide it for god knows how many more hours and roasted it in the oven. The meat was tender and tasty and it was actually good albeit artery clogging and greasy – it’s fascinating how much grease comes out of that pig!

We’ve decided that this is the first and last time roasting pork belly and for two main reasons. We still want to live a fairly long and healthy life and eating a few pieces was enough to last us a lifetime and the most deal-breaking reason of all? The Studio smelt like ‘roasted pork’ for days and days. Each time we stepped into the house, we smelt it. It was almost nauseating. The smell seemed to permeate everywhere. I remembered the first few nights going to bed and pulling the covers towards me and sniffing and groaning as I smelt the roasted pig. It took many days of turning on the air purifier, burning candles and throwing the windows open to air the house, the finally rid the house off the obnoxious smell.

Hullo and goodbye porky pig!

Miso Corn on Cob

April 30th, 2012 No Comments »

I am not sure I can call this a recipe because this hardly requires any skill and is so easy to prepare yet insanely delicious. It sort of reminds me of those corn on the cobs that you buy from the street stalls by the beach in Bali. Not exactly the same (and if I can find a recipe for those corns, I’ll be jumping for joy), but this is equally delicious and makes a good snack.

We love this so much, we are adding this quite regularly to our grocery list. What other ways do you cook corn on cob with aside from the usual butter seasoning?

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D.I.Y paper tray

April 29th, 2012 3 Comments »

I have a penchant for pretty paper and wrapping, whimsical packaging, polka dotted and colorful striped delicate paper. And a lot more. One day, I want to have a bigger house so that I can collect all of these – together with my linen cloths and crockery and design books. It’s just too tricky in a small studio space.

Last Christmas, J gave me a lovely gift. It was wrapped in the cutest wrapping paper ever and I opened it with much care with the intent of keeping it. I managed to save it but haven’t been able to turn it into something useful until I found a D.I.Y tutorial which would perfectly use it!

I converted these Ikea trays using a few simple craft materials and after about twenty minutes, I now own my very own personalized serving trays :) My first tray wasn’t perfect as there are some creases (not noticeable till up close) and the paper folded around to the back was a bit ‘rough-looking’ but not bad for a first attempt 😛 The second tray was done better. I used 3 different types of modge-podge – matte to adhere the paper to the tray, glitter for the top coating and a shiny coat on top of that! I love the glitter finish (it’s pretty and sparkly close up – hard to capture it on photo) and using a roller sponge gives it a different sort of texture. If a smoother finish is preferred, use a wide paint brush.

These will also make perfect gifts to – just buy these cheap trays from Ikea, a favorite paper design (get nice ones from Kikki.K , Paper Market, Paper Source – please share any other lovely paper sources!), modge podge (obtained from Art Friends), a rolling sponge or paint brush and a pair of scissors. Or, it’ll be a great craft session for kids!

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Honey Lavender Ice Cream

April 29th, 2012 4 Comments »

I swear I can hear T heave a sigh of relief as I use up yet another portion of lavender flowers. Truth be told, this packet seems to be endless and I still have LOADS left. AND, a brand new jar of it. So baby, I’m sorry but lavender is staying for awhile 😀

Not many people like lavender – I am a big fan. Judging from my lavender hand cream, body lotion and diffuser, I love the relaxing and calming effect of the scent. I find it refreshing in desserts and food. Some or maybe most, find the flavor too intense and tasting like bar soap, but I actually appreciate it and classify it as one of the unique flavors that bring a dish/dessert to life.

This is the second batch of ice cream that we are churning out and I’m saying it was worth the effort lugging it back from the States. What we have learnt about ice cream makers is that firstly, it is very important (at least for the brand that we use i.e. Cuisinart ICE-21) to freeze the bowl for at least 24 hours. That is the only ‘downside’ of our maker. Secondly, the cream needs to be completely chilled for at least 6 hours before processing it in the ice cream maker. If you are too impatient and try to hasten the process, trust me, your ice cream will fail. I confidently say this because T tried to rush it and it didn’t work. Luckily, I recalled reading the rules in the manual and immediately told him to put the cream back into the fridge and chill the bowl longer. Ice cream was saved.

One way to tell if the mixture is chilled enough and the bowl frozen sufficiently (shaking the bowl and if you don’t hear the liquid moving inside doesn’t quite help or isn’t as accurate! Just freeze for 24 hours!), the moment you pour the mixture inside the bowl, it will immediately freeze at the sides. It will just take between 5-12 minutes (no kidding) for the ice cream to be made – soft serve at least. Sorbets take a shorter time and please don’t try to scrimp on the cream and whole milk because you do need the fats to whisk and churn it into ice cream.

So there you go, some tips on ice cream making. Once you’ve mastered those, it’s easy peasey. May I also advise that if you plan to serve ice cream to guests, it’s best to make it two days in advanced. You need to freeze the ice cream for at least 4 hours or longer to obtain the right texture and ‘hardness’.

Oh. Ice cream turned out perfect by the way. T absolutely loved it. In fact, he found the flavoring perfect (I thought it was quite intense and might try steeping the milk for just 3 minutes next time) and the honey balanced out the flowery taste.

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April 28th, 2012 No Comments »

If you live in the vicinity or neighborhood of Bronte, it is quite a quaint place to chill out with some good company. The ambience is relaxing and you get the feel that you can rock up in Sunday casual without the fear of being judged or given the look over. Mr Fussypot T will argue that food is average (I won’t call it spectacular but think it’s not bad either) but I will agree that as it is rather out of the way for us since we live centrally and don’t own a car, I probably won’t go all the way out for brunch unless it is to meet up with friends. I guess there are many similar breakfast places around Duxton, Ann Siang, Craig Road and Roberston Quay that is a lot closer to us.

I had the smoked salmon scrambled eggs with spinach, garlic porobellow shrooms and a side of baked beans and 2 slices of toasted rye. I thought T’s char-grilled sirloin steak sandwich was quite tasty with hints of onions. tomatoes, cheese and rocket. Perhaps presentation could be better but I think that could also be deliberate where the plating is done more casually to give it a more home-cooked feel to it.

Food aside, company was excellent. The boys were busy nattering about computers, cameras and whatnots – geeks, while the women chattered animatedly about.. bags. Well, other stuff too. The point is, everyone was so comfortable and relaxed and moving seats around to catch up with everyone, it was really lovely. And I’m glad I shifted my appointment after to before because it would have been a big shame if I had to rush through brunch and rush off. Thanks my lovely girls E, P and C (and boys).

8 Greenwood Ave
Singapore 289198
+(65)  6219-9151

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Have a passion, share your passion

April 27th, 2012 2 Comments »

Today’s staff meeting was one of those that made you kinda think. My team mates were sharing their stories (emotionally charged moments and almost tear-jerking), there was a lot of laughter and it was one of those moments where you go, Hey, I am really proud to be part of this.

May you have air in your lungs,
Life in your legs,
Have the wind at your back,
And wings on your feet 
I am honored and humbled.

~Geof Hollister,  Nike Employee #3

Geof was an iconic figure, the passion behind the brand and the first sales person hired and the third employee of the company. He has passed on but he has indeed left a legacy behind. I thought these words were beautiful. And there was also more but just two that really stuck out and made me think –

Have a passion. Share your passion.

And sometimes, that’s why I think I love what I do at work, the way I live my life and the reason why this blog still exists. My passion for running is without a doubt, obvious to all. I try to share it. Actually, I do share it, unconsciously or consciously because it is very much a large part of what I do at work.

I am passionate about travel – one of the very most important values taught by my Dad. To travel is to widen your horizons. It is a form of education, to see the world, to listen and to learn. And because of that, I have always been passionate about traveling and documenting all of it to share the stories and the explored places.

And there there is fashion. Some think it’s narcissistic to post pictures of oneself in outfits etc. But I think anyone that blogs is narcissistic to some extent, just whether more or less :) If any, I get a lot of my fashion inspirations not exactly from fashion magazines but from fashion blogs.

Recently, cooking has been a huge passion of mine. Well, I’ve always been interested in it (since 14) but never really immersed deep into it. I’m glad I did because it brings me so much joy and people say I inspire them which is the whole idea of sharing.

Have a passion. Share your passion.

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Printed runner shorts

April 27th, 2012 2 Comments »

I giggled when I saw these shorts. They remind me of old school running shorts, the slightly flared out style, the drawstring waistband but I guess that’s where the similarities end. The best part of living in the tropics and I’ll repeat this over and over (and over and over) again.. is the luxury of wearing shorts and baring skin 365 days in a year.

I try to dress up the rest of my outfit whenever I am in shorts so that it is more put together and less sloppy. Though I’ll admit that you’ll catch me on some weekends running about in just plain short shorts, minimal accessories and just a smudge of blusher and drawn brows..

Since spring is here in the rest of the world and we are moving into summer or it’s just summer (and hotter now) all year round, I’m living more in shorts these days. What about you?

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