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Good things

April 1st, 2012 2 Comments »

I love browsing happy reads that make me smile like the Crewcuts catalogue (more pictures below) and envisioning this is how I’ll dress my future daughter (and son) if I am so blessed with one. Kids’ clothes these days are so funky and fashionable!

Speaking of kids, I’m happy C started a blog for lil Suri. If you want an overload of cuteness, chubby legs and the funniest expressions, check out her blog! She’s really a feisty little one that makes her extra special.

Other good things this week are some videos that T shared with me. He’s like the master in finding great videos and he’ll share them with me. Often, I land up re-sharing them – since he never ever blogs, and hope you’ll enjoy them too!

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Soft Eggs with Buttery Herb-Cheese Toast Soldiers

April 1st, 2012 4 Comments »


This recipe was inspired by Smitten Kitchen. I adapted and made several adjustments according to personal preferences and also ingredients that were more readily available such as Parmesan cheese versus Romano. It’s a very easy recipe but I had one challenge – how to cook the perfect soft boiled egg using Asian sized eggs! What was used in the original recipe were American sized eggs. The eggs that we buy locally are smaller so I spent the evening researching on how the timing would work out.

I decided that I’ll test it out on one egg to see how it’ll turn out. But then decided to just cook all four and cross my fingers hard that it won’t screw up and I’ll waste 4 good eggs. Luck was on my side and it turned out perfectly! The yolks were runny but not too runny – T doesn’t fancy the local soft boiled eggs here, so this worked out perfect for him. As for the soldiers, it all turned out perfectly too! I actually used more butter than called for but I think it was better albeit more sinful!

I would say this with the parfait makes a perfect balanced brunch idea so give it a shot and let me know how it goes! For those with little ones, you can get them to help out with the making of the soldiers and the chocolate mousse as it’s really simple. Parfait recipe to follow, meanwhile, enjoy the recipe below the cut with tips on how to make a perfect soft boiled egg. Enjoy!

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