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April 7th, 2012 No Comments »

When something is good, a trip back to relive that tasty memory has to be made. We had recommendations for other tonkatsu places to check out but as creatures of habits, we figured, heck, we’ll just go back to what we remembered was good. Boring as it sounds, no point wasting precious meals on not-so-good food. Although, having said that, it’s hard to find ‘bad tasting’ food in Japan!

So back to Katsukura¬†we went, it’ll probably be a long while before I taste good tonkatsu again. A very simple dish yet flavorful in many ways from the side dishes that come along with it to the grind-it-yourself sesame dip. Love love love!

P.S Guess what? I’m done writing about this trip’s travels in Tokyo! Back to the San Francisco adventures that I paused for a bit to talk about Tokyo and Portland :)

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