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Pasta with Chicken in Brown Butter, Sage and Cinnamon

April 18th, 2012 | Filed in: recipes Add comments

T’s succeeded in making an awesome perfect tomato based pasta sauce so my goal was to find an alternative (aside from pesto) sauce that was light yet tasty.

It sounds very sinful – brown butter and 6 tablespoons of it but can I assure you that it isn’t?! The butter is used to saute the chicken and coat the pasta so it is light with aromatic hints of butter and the lovely unique infusion of sage leaves. The original recipe called for nutmeg but I prefer to substitute it with cinnamon. You get the subtle woody fragrance and the beautiful brown specks that show up on the pasta.

I’m filing this as one of my favorite recipes for a pasta sauce!

Key ingredients - Sage and butter

A twist - cinnamon

Melt 6 tablespoons of butter - sounds like a lot but it is not! It's used to pan-fry the chicken and will land up as the pasta sauce. So don't be stingy but don't go overboard either or you'll end up with an oily dish.

Once butter becomes bubbly, add the chicken and saute till the butter darkens and chicken has browned and is cooked through.

Add the sage leaves and sprinkle the cinnamon powder in

Saute till aromatic. It'll smell absolutely gorgeous!

Sprinkle with black pepper, salt and parmesan. Toss before eating!

LOVE the gorgeous brown specks of cinnamon

Pasta with Chicken in Brown Butter, Sage and Cinnamon (serves 2)

2 servings of pasta (I used our homemade pasta)
0.5 pounds/ 230g boneless skinless chicken breast/ chicken fillets, cut into bite-sized pieces
6 tbspn unsalted butter
15-18 small fresh sage leaves/ 8-12 large, thinly sliced
1/4 tspn cinnamon powder
Sea salt
Black pepper
Parmesan cheese

1. Place butter in a skillet over low heat and cook till it bubbles.

2. Add the chicken and saute till the butter has darkened and the chicken has browned nicely and is cooked through.

3. Add the thin strips of fresh sage leaves to the chicken and butter, sprinkle the cinnamon powder in and saute briefly till it becomes aromatic.

4. Serve the chicken and sage and butter mixture over the cooked pasta, sprinkle with black pepper, sea salt (to taste – salt brings out the full flavors nicely) and parmesan cheese and garnish with a few sage leaves.

5. Toss well before eating!

13 Responses to “Pasta with Chicken in Brown Butter, Sage and Cinnamon”

  1. Vanessa Says:

    i’m soooo…..o going to try this! hee… 😉

  2. Andrea Says:

    Easy and yummy!

  3. Candice Says:

    I love your recipes. Thanks!

  4. Andrea Says:

    Thank you! :)

  5. girlontheave Says:

    yummy…one of my favorite pasta recipes to make because it’s so easy. love the fact that you MADE your own pasta.

  6. Andrea Says:

    Super easy huh? Have u tried making your own pasta? It’s easy too and if you don’t have a machine, you can just roughly slice the dough.

  7. Jane Says:

    Just tried it today, it is wonderful especially when the sage leaves are cooking in the butter. I did not slice it and left it whole. It tasted like crunchy seaweed . :) thanks for the recipe and look forward to more.

  8. Andrea Says:

    Yay! Glad that you like it! I think breaking the leaves helps to release the scent and flavor of the sage. But if leaving it as whole still allows that, that’s fine too – crunchy seaweed sounds yummy. Just posted an easy one today :)

  9. Essential ingredients » thebokeeffect.com Says:

    […] Pasta with brown butter, sage and chicken. If you have not already tried this out, PLEASE do so. I’ve had countless friends that have after I posted the recipe and everyone has successfully cooked it – easy and tasty. […]

  10. Jojobeans Says:

    Hello soba, can I use salted butter for this?

  11. Andrea Says:

    Hullo Curree. Hmm I will advise not to – hard to control salt content of salted butter is used vs unsalted where u can add salt if it’s not salty as u’d like it to be.

  12. Jojobeans Says:

    Ok boss, unsalted butter it will be! Will try this soon and report back. Tao huay was a hit! Looking forward to more soggy recipes!!

  13. Andrea Says:

    Hehe ok will continue posting!!

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