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Blue Boy

June 3rd, 2013 2 Comments »

An indulgence.. that was difficult to resist.

I think the Chanel Boy will land up being a classic sooner or later judging by how popular it has been. This cobalt or royal blue this season is really killing me and I won’t even say how many other items I’ve bought in this goddamn color. Since I’m not visiting Paris (again) this year, and since I was lucky to actually be successful on a waitlist, I decided to *gulp, go for it. I heard it’s sold out in Paris and many other stores so I feel slightly better 😛

Parisian Boulangerie

June 3rd, 2013 No Comments »

I don’t know when I decided that baking was going to be my favorite cooking area of interest. But it is. I’ve mentioned before that I love the science behind it. I want to be a versatile home cook – I can’t just feed my family desserts all the time right? There’s just something beautiful about desserts. A beautiful decorated cake, homemade pastries and cookies and I guess, for me, plating and presenting it is a lot more fun.

I’ve been asked numerous times by friends, family and colleagues to pursue my love for cooking and do it for a living. I’ve always said that nah I won’t. I think doing it as an interest versus a living is different. Maybe yes, maybe no. Who knows? But I can’t explain that sense of satisfaction, excitement and slight euphoria when I bake, get my hands dirty and churn out a successful dessert (or meal) that delights and pleases.

Like I said before, I wanted to pick up tips that I couldn’t learn from recipe books and online literature so I committed to three classes – macarons was one of it, learning all about French pastries was another and the third happens next weekend :) Learning in class is great because when the chef is good, I can focus on learning the techniques, watching critical steps like when the ‘dough is ready’ – visual cues that it’s hard to grasp from a book. The real test will be when I return to my kitchen to try it out. With the detailed materials that was provided, I am confident in executing it.

So stay tune as I will experiment soon I hope, in making eclairs from Pate a Choux pastry (thinking of stuffing it with homemade ice cream instead of vanilla pastry cream!), croissants using a made-from-scratch flaky pastry dough instead of frozen and yes, that will involve rolling out the layers of butter and finally, Palmiers using a quick puff pastry dough. I’ve been used to baking with frozen puff pastry and making my own shortcrust but learning three new types of dough and ‘letter-fold’ versus ‘book-fold’ methods – I’m excited to take baking to the next level. *cross fingers

I am thinking, the next time I travel to Tokyo, I will sign up for classes and since the Paris marathon is on my list, perhaps, that will not only be a trip to run but to take a baking class (and shop of course!).

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend. It’s been fab here – sun is out once again!

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