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The first Lo Hei

February 19th, 2015 No Comments »


I somehow missed out on the ‘Lo Hei’ at the office so my official first Lo Hei was done at my family’s reunion dinner for Lunar New Year’s Eve. Perhaps I’ve missed Lo Hei for awhile, I thought this was seriously the best?! This was at Dragon Phoenix at the Temasek Club. It’s been termed the traditional Lo Hei and I love how the flavors were not overwhelmingly sweet and the sauce seemingly ‘too little’ turned out to be just right.

The table this year was smaller. We used to require two tables but this year, it’s reduced to just one and it keeps getting smaller. My sis no longer joins the reunion with my Dad’s sis and my cousin and their respective kids since she has her own obligations and a cousin has migrated to Melbourne with her family so sadly, it’s a smaller gathering. But it’s the same familiarity of conversations and we are all just older, wiser and I do enjoy catching up with my cousins and seeing three generations sitting at one table. Some things never change and I hope they never will. You can’t choose your family but when they are fab, you thank your lucky stars.

While my Chinese New Years have always been quiet as we don’t do visiting, I am looking forward to the quiet to rest a little and catch up on some work. I still can’t believe that February is almost coming to an end and these days, all I wish for, is more time. We always do but as you get older, the perception of time gets quicker and time truly whizzes by. I want more time, want time to slow down. Sometimes perhaps, I just need to slow down myself, re-focus on what I really need to focus on, live a life that I want and not live one that others want me to.

I hope that wherever you are, you will be enjoying what matters most to you this new year.

Birthday blessings

July 23rd, 2014 No Comments »


I still find it hard to believe that we are in the third quarter of 2014, 7 months have zipped past and where on earth did time go to? It’s been a fabulous year so far, new job and other blessings. As you get older, birthdays are less of a big deal but I’ll still admit that it is nice to be remembered and for that, I’m extremely grateful.

The birthday weekend was kicked off with lunch with my family and the surprise came later in the form of the cake. Once you hit a certain age (I believe that’s from 20), cake buying lessens but being an old traditionalist at heart, I still enjoy the simple ones like a cake and a birthday greeting. So I was extremely touched when I had my favorite Awfully Chocolate cake (that and Guandaja by Rive Gauche) and my mom shared that a good friend of mine had actually text her for this to be done! SO thank you because it was the highlight of my birthday and one of the sweetest thing anyone had done, and truly, it’s really nice to be remembered.

There’s so much in life to savor and enjoy and I’m not going to waste any minute of it! Happy week ahead!

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Celebrating 25 years of pleasure with Magnum

May 25th, 2014 2 Comments »


Magnum Singapore went all out for the 25th anniversary and it was truly a night of decadence from the ‘create your own magnum’ and chocolate fountain, to the unlimited free flow of chocolate and strawberry martinis, house pours, champers and endless platters of mini wagyu burgers, cheese and more.

The moment I got in, greedy as it sounds, I headed straight for the fountain. It was a massive 1m tall fountain which I hear, had over 100kg of chocolate flowing through it. There were about 10 different fancy toppings to choose from – I was dismayed that I could only choose, THREE. Three?! I chose pixie dust, crunchy chocolate balls and rose petals. Pure decadence! I think I was on a sugar high for the entire night and to top that up, I washed it all down with chocolate and strawberry martinis *slurp.

I must have been so occupied with eating that I completely missed out on the chocolate jewelry fashion show which was in collaboration with Janice Wong of 2am dessert bar and local fashion designer Pauline Lim. Nonetheless, I certainly didn’t miss out when the limited edition Marc de Champagne Magnum ice cream was revealed! The champagne ice cream came perfectly packaged in a silver holographic pack that was very chic and sophisticated. Beneath the silvery wrapper was  a sweet treat of white ice cream flavored with swirls of Marc de Champagne flavored sauce and encased in a silvery chocolate casing. It’s a pretty fancy ice cream that is perfect for parties and if you want to grab some for an upcoming party or just to try it,  it’s now available in supermarkets, petrol kiosks and convenience stores (SGD$3.90 for a single, SGD$10.90 for a multi-pack).

I had an absolutely fab time pigging out, meeting old and new friends and it was a great start to the weekend! Thanks Magnum for inviting and happy 25th once again! xo

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Celebrating mama

May 16th, 2014 3 Comments »


Family, celebrating mama and all the things in life to be grateful for.

Love you mama. Happy mother’s day and hope that every day is always a joyous one for you. Love, your two princesses.

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At Tagaytay Highlands

May 13th, 2014 No Comments »

A few weekends ago, I witnessed a beautiful union of two special people. It’s extra special when you’ve known them since the start of their relationship and also, the bride is a very close friend of mine. I love simple weddings, one that has a good guest list, loads of alcohol, music and good times. And above all, it was a fab trip catching up with some old friends who don’t live in the same city as I do.

It’s a year of weddings! I think it’s a lucky one actually :) One down, two more to go!

P.S The YSL Tributes are my new favorite heels for attending a wedding! Stylish and comfy!

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The Great Gatsby 1920s

July 26th, 2013 No Comments »


If there is one thing my company does darn good, is theme parties. The sort where everyone turns up dressed completely to theme so much so that if you don’t, you will feel totally out of place. I’ve attended numerous theme parties ranging from the most ridiculous to the most glamorous. We take theme parties very seriously here so it always lands up being a lot of fun.

This had to be the best. The Great Gatsby, 1920s. I guess the organizers had recently watched the movie but seriously, no complaints. Everyone had a chance to look totally glamorous for once and might I add, completely normal 😛

Cebu was so much fun. I’m waiting for more photos and videos to be out before sharing the rest! Meanwhile, enjoy the pictures of the Great Gatsby. Oh and thank goodness for girlfriends whom I can share wardrobes with!

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You’ve got mail!

February 14th, 2013 2 Comments »


I don’t know about you, but I’ve never celebrated Valentine’s day. To me, everyday is Valentine’s Day as long as you’re with someone special.

This year, I decided to do things a little different. I bought a Sarah Jane template, printed copies out and painstakingly cut out each piece. Stuck two pieces together, wrote a personalized note and washi taped it up in different combinations. I then hand delivered or snail mailed each one to a special loved one. They say there are 3 hardest things to say – I love you, I’m sorry and thank you. I thanked every recipient for being a part of my life or making a difference in mine – I couldn’t send to everyone so it was to those that first came to my mind that I’d close contact with for the last 6 months. And that was it. It was simple but it came straight from my heart.

The biggest joy for me was when I started receiving smses as each received the mail and the words just made me smile.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone and may the rest of the year be that extra special for you and not just today.

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