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April 27th, 2015 No Comments »

It is no secret that I’m the girl/woman that loves everything and anything whimsical (and frou frou.. almost). Nothing beats receiving or buying ‘happy’ merchandise. Items that make you smile, that have lovely quotes. Recently, I’ve been much into ‘quotes’. I’ve bought quite a number of quote cards and posters and actually, it’s been almost all my life that I love reading quotes.

Last week, I had the privilege of attending the opening of WEEKENDS¬†brought to you by the same retail folks behind Monoyono. I had like to say that these guys got it right when they came up with this one-stop lifestyle concept with the one theme of “Do more of what makes you happy”.

Everything that you see in the store encapsulates this. The products are a cheerful and eclectic mix of designer stationery, jewelery, accessories, wall art prints etc that scream color, joy and fun. The store has loads of whimsical charm and cheerful colors with great merchandising to boast of. One of my favorite parts of the store is actually the facade which were inspired by drawers. Each has a little white card with a name of some celebrity or word. I was invited to contributed mine and of course, mine said ‘Hot Chocolate’. I mean that’s what my weekends mean. And it was aptly placed below ‘Afternoon Naps’ ūüėõ

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Karmakamet Diner

January 6th, 2015 No Comments »


Karmakamet I recalled, took awhile to find. It didn’t help that it was raining and we were walking in and out lanes trying to find the way using Google maps. The trick is to look for Emporium Suites and walk alongside it. Ask if you must. It’s in a small road all the way in. While not the easiest to find, it is a lovely diners to hang out.

Food or rather desserts might not be spectacular, the eggs that we had were not bad, but the ambience and the lovely shop does make it for it. You will be quite distracted with the beautiful flowers, wooden furniture, brown glass medicine bottles and gunnysacks decorating the place. It has a charismatic charm that is quite hard not to be taken by. My favorite part of the space was at the shop. We left feeling very contented with our purchases of candles – they have the most gorgeous hand-poured candles with glorious scents. I can’t wait to burn mine!

Karmakamet Diner
30/1 Sukhumvit Soi 24
+(66) 2262-07001
Opens daily 10am-930pm (shop), 10am-1130pm (restaurant)

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December 24th, 2014 No Comments »

I love my bowls (and plates) and I do have a collection. Imagine my joy when Glambue¬†asked if I would like to try their ‘GLAMourous bamBOO¬†bowls’ (glam-boo) get it? :) ¬†I was gifted two bowls in festive colors and good to know that they are not only lovely to look at, each one is eco-friendly, natural, child-friendly and versatile for all kinds of uses.

So far, I’ve used them multiple times as a mixing bowl for my salad dressing, cereal and oats breakfast bowl, to hold quinoa, yoghurt and slices fruits and it’s currently used to store my stash of chocolates and Tokyo bananas. You can also use it to organize items on your coffee table, as a fruit bowl, serve soups and curries in. The uses for these Glambue bowls are quite endless and you just have to figure out the size you’ll want to get them in. Just some tips – as they are made of all natural bamboo, they do get dented when knocked hard against or the color can chip off. I like whisking my olive oil based salad dressings in them because the oil gives it a nice coating and keeps it well maintained. It does stain if you use ingredients that stain like turmeric, beets, mangosteens but sometimes, it just adds to the natural look and charm of it :)

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5 things for every stylish homeowner

May 17th, 2014 2 Comments »


As some of you might have read over at the lilreddotfolks, I talked about 5 must-haves for every homeowner. So here’s to expand on that and share some pictures. For those with new homes, happy decorating! I’m already itching to decorate a new space so I keep trying to re-decorate mine -_-


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On lilreddotfolks

May 7th, 2014 2 Comments »


So this is my space.

I still can’t believe how beautiful it looks all thanks to the fab photography of Franz¬†and the wonderful styling done by Mel and Hosanna. I mentioned awhile back that I was honored to be featured in the April issue of Catalog¬†print and digital. I’m equally stoked to be featured on lilreddotfolks¬†so check out the rest of the photos and the interview (which I answered in a daze after two consecutive weeks of late nights in the office.)

I think seeing your apartment featured especially the very first one that you saved up for to purchase, is a really sweet feeling. In life, there are many milestones but buying your own place with your savings has to be one of the greatest. As TS told me when I broke the news to her, “You’re finally all grown up my dear!”¬†And yes, paying a house mortgage and getting the place done up is a very grown up thing to do. So for all it’s worth, I’m thankful once again and feel truly blessed. Life has this funny way of throwing you curveballs at times. If things didn’t pan out the way they did, none of this would have happened :) So for that, cheers to life, staying positive and to the big Guy up there that always has a plan :)

I’ve been insanely busy the last couple of months, new job, 6 travels till date and at least another 4 before the year ends, so it’s been nothing short of insane. I can’t wait for a quiet weekend.. it’s been packed with travels, work and social meet-ups thus far and just to bake and cook more all over again and see my family more frequently than I now am..

Meanwhile.. have a lovely week ahead lovelies..while I try not to be overwhelmed and consumed by work and uh while stressed, I’ve been busy shopping for enamel homeware, loads of spoons and forks and uh some online retail therapy.¬†Oh and since a couple have asked, I’ll do a post on the five things every stylish owner should have – an extension of my interview of lilreddotfolks :) Soon soon soon.


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March 18th, 2014 1 Comment »

Carefully curated spaces are the best places to walk into – even if you don’t intend to buy anything. You walk out feeling inspired, happy and actually, might land up buying an item (or two) even if that was not the intention.

I love seeing how more of such shops are popping up, and Tiong Bahru is a fitting area to house such spaces. I can’t wait to return back to the U.S to visit my favorite Anthropologie, West Elm etc, to be inspired. Speaking of which, I’ve been buying so many bowls and plates, I might need to declutter soon :( Sigh. I’m wondering if I ever do a spring-cleaning sale, would anyone be interested in my pre-loved home items?

59 Eng Hoon Street

Singapore 160059
+(65) 6689-0146

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The photoshoot

January 21st, 2014 No Comments »

Some time back, the lilreddotfolks¬†asked if they could photograph my modest apartment and I was more than happy to say, “Yes!” (please!!). I’ve always been a big fan of the site and F’s photography style and it was such a big honor to being asked. It was only months later where the actual shoot took place – these guys are fully booked for their stories till year end, how insane is that?! So the built up to that was well, kinda exciting.

It was so stressful the week of the shoot itself. As I was preparing baked goods, it took me heaps of planning, a detailed to-do list and loads of puttering around and preparation. And on the day of the shoot itself, we were all praying that it wouldn’t rain. We literally tried catching the light as the sun danced in and out of the grey clouds and it rained here and there but being the fab photographer that F is, he took it all in stride and wryly commented that he has shot darker places.

I can’t believe that I prepared all those food above. They were all impressed hehe. It was all put to good use and after the food styling and photography, I invited everyone to sit around my little coffee table to enjoy the fresh bakes. I don’t want to divulge too much on the theme of the whole shoot so I’ll just share some pictures and all I can say is that, I had a fun session albeit stressful but I got to see first hand what it is like to have my apartment photographed. And the way the stylists M and H put together everything was ‘tres amazing. The shots taken were of my own version of styling and there was some improvisation of it during the shoot itself. I can’t even imagine how the final shots are going to look like and I probably can’t recognize my apartment when it’s released ūüėÄ

It’s likely coming out around May on lilreddotfolks¬†and earlier on Catalog Magazine ¬†digital and print! I can’t wait! But nervous to see how my own shots turns out – a few outfit changes! -_-

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