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Wildfire Burgers and Bar

August 31st, 2015 No Comments »

If you are a fan of Omakase burgers, do check out Wildfire. It is a good size burger, the buns are wonderful and the beef patties juicy. It errs slightly on the oily side but it’s a burger. I tried the triple bacon and was duly stuffed and satisfied. Fries are not bad and I do like the option of malt vinegar which I drizzled all over my fries. There’s a good selection of beer – Oregon and portland beer are available! If not, there’s always Assembly Coffee next door for a good shot and IF you still have stomach space, you can always grab dessert or a waffle.


Wildfire Burgers and Bar
26 Evans Road #01-06
Singapore 259367
Opens: Mon-Thurs, 10am-1030pm, Fri-Sun, 830am-1030pm
+(65) 6734 2080

Kueh and Snacks

August 30th, 2015 No Comments »


I wished I took a better picture of the kueh kueh at the old school shop (this was at home of course), as the colors are really beautiful. I love kueh kueh but most are not traditionally made and the skin tends to be tough and thick. I chanced upon this shop while walking around the neighborhood and was totally glad that I did so!

Kueh and Snacks is one of the few remaining traditional shops in Singapore that continues to produce handmade Kueh. The founder, Madam Chia Siew Ying is over 80 years old now and she’s been making kueh since she was 15. What I love about the kueh from this shop is that the skin is extremely tender and the filling generous and overall, it’s just the right amount of sweetness. Each costs just SGD$0.60 and the flavors offered include – salty bean, yam, green bean, peanut, black sesame and durian.

Besides the usual Ang Ku Kueh, you can get soon kueh, png kueh and a couple others. The shop is tiny and everything is laid out on a simple table in styrofoam boxes or the old school yellow plastic trays. I took a peek through the back door and saw a bunch of old ladies hand making the kueh. If you love kueh, this is a must-visit.

Kueh and Snacks
Block 125 Bukit Merah Lane 1 

Alexandra Village C3
Singapore 150125
+(65) 6273 5875

The Bakehouse by Carpenter and Cook

August 16th, 2015 No Comments »

I’ve always been a fan of Carpenter and Cook mostly for the passionfruit meringue and salty caramel chocolate tart. I’m not a fan of the locations as it’s way out for me. The latest outlet opening really made me go whoohoo as it’s heaps more convenient to access and it has more food items such as wood-fired pizzas, pastas and sandwiches. My kind of cafe.

The pressure cooked pulled pork sandwich with poached pears compote and rocket could have had more salt added to it but overall, I enjoyed it. Pulled pork tends to be rather oily and rich but I thought this one was balanced. The bun was absolutely pillow soft and it was a big highlight for me. The chocolate tart somehow tasted slightly different but perhaps my memory is failing. I was so so happy to taste the passionfruit meringue once again and I’ll definitely be back soon to try the pastas and pizzas.

The Bakehouse by Carpenter and Cook
321 Alexandra Road

Singapore 159971
+(65) 6250 0040
Opens: Sun-Thurs, Public Holidays, 8am-10pm, Fri-Sat, Eve of Public Holidays, 8am-11pm

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August 10th, 2015 No Comments »

Just when I think I’ve found the Italian restaurant, I find yet another one. Couple of my colleagues have been raving about this and some even visit it up to thrice in a week! That’s a bit insane.. but it has to be something good and not all just hype so I was mighty pleased when one of the farewell lunches was arranged to be there.

I’m usually wary when a place is required to serve a large group. Standards typically drop as the staff gets stressed out preparing in such a large serving or, it is pre-prepared and cooked in advanced and lands up sitting there for too long. My experience at Cicheti was actually none of the above but instead, really good.

Service was very attentive and quick and the food all came out warm and fresh. That aside, I found it hard to not like any of the dishes. The pastas are done well and the highest rated was the lamb pasta. Pizzas were the way it should be – just enough crust and topping, fresh and flavorful. The burrata salad though simple was one of my favorites (peach and burrata is a brilliant combination!). And of course, dessert. The salty caramel warm chocolate cake lived up to expectations and I think I will just conclude that I will gladly be back.

52 Kandahar Street
+(65) 6292 5012
Opens: Mon-Fri, 12-230pm, 630-1030pm, Sat, 6-1030pm. Closed on Sundays

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Sky on 57

July 26th, 2015 No Comments »

I didn’t realize that the set lunches were so reasonably priced. Plus the killer view, you know what? I am going to be back. Except for the fish which seemed edging on the over-cooked side, the rest, especially the wagyu beef, white asparagus salad, foie gras xiao long ba0 (OMG..) were stellar. Didn’t have much impressions of the desserts except that the lychee sorbet was so good.

It’s truly Singapore’s pride to have such a great chef like Justin Quek, I hope he keeps doing great at what he does best.

Sky on 57
Marina Bay Sands
Sands SkyPark, Tower 1 Level 57
+(65) 6699 9957
Opens: Mon-Fri, 7am-1030am, 12-230pm, 230-5pm, 6-1030pm. Sat, Sun and Public Holidays, 7-11am, 1215-230pm, 3-5pm, 6-1030pm

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Adrift by David Myers

July 24th, 2015 No Comments »

I’m usually cynical when it comes to celebrity chefs restaurants here. It can be vastly different from elsewhere. It’s largely attributed to the lack of fresh produce or quality imports or either that, you land up paying amounts that are leaning towards ridiculous. I have not seen much about Adrift by David Myers and noticed that a friend kept re-visiting which meant – it is good. So I dragged my family along for my birthday celebrations and it didn’t disappoint.

David Myers has trained under Charlie Trotter and Daniel Boulud and has won several awards across the world. His creations are known for the fusion of Asian and western cuisine with a blend of familiarity and creativity. Most that we ordered were hits, the simple Kale salad was tasty and the sort which makes you want to eat salads more often, we enjoyed the foie gras bahn mi, the most unusual dish that we ordered seconds was the grilled rice. We’ve never tasted anything like this before and it reminded me of traditional Japanese rice cakes with that familiar flavor but with more oomph. If I recall correctly, the beef hangar was slightly salty but we later realized that when eaten with the roasted pumpkin/squash, it was a perfect combination. Desserts are also known and good here and overall I really love how you can order quite a few dishes to share and sample.

Another positive trait at Adrift is the service. It was attentive, we didn’t have to wave long for attention, they just magically appeared and wasn’t intrusive either. I appreciated how they changed tables for us upon request and just genuine about servicing.

I’ll be back to try more and oh, cocktails are lovely.

Adrift by David Myers
Marina Bay Sands, Hotel Lobby Tower 2
10 Bayfront Ave
Singapore 018956
+(65) 66885657
Opens: Mon-Thurs, Sun, 530-10pm, Fri, Sat, 530-11pm

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Pine State Biscuits

July 23rd, 2015 No Comments »


You know what’s missing here?

This. Cafes, restaurants serving good buttermilk biscuits with chicken and gravy. Or any sort of biscuit brunch option. These guys started off as a food cart or stall at farmers’ market almost a decade ago then did so well that they opened a shop and now, they own a bustling restaurant. I love stories like this.

What can you find here? Good old-style Southern buttermilk biscuits that are freshly made on-site. The menu options are all variations of biscuit sandwiches. That’s really the best. A restaurant focusing on what they do best and not trying to do everything and anything that is popular.

Popular orders are the Moneyball – biscuit and gravy with an over easy egg and I had the Reggie Deluxe – biscuit, fried chicken, bacon and cheese and of course, gravy. Stumptown coffee is served here and I love the sweet tea i.e. iced tea in local translation. Just a note, iced tea in the States means literally iced regular tea with no sweetener. There is no such thing as syrup with tea so just something to know :) I’ve ordered it numerous times, forgetting that it means something different and always land up with bad tea and then trying to sweeten it with regular sugar – not nice at all.

I think I need to bake some buttermilk biscuits soon.

Pine State Biscuits

SE Division
1100 SE Division #100
Portland OR97202
+(1) 503 236-3346
Opens: Mon-Weds, 7am-3pm, Thurs-Sun, 7am-11pm

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