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Better for it

May 3rd, 2015 2 Comments »


A couple weeks ago, Nike Women launched a campaign called Better for It #betterforit. I love the campaign because it was reflective of how women often tell themselves that ‘I can’t’ and somehow get motivated to turn the ‘can’ts into ‘cans’. I love the notion that being strong, lean and fit is the new skinny. Truth be told, I’d rather be lean and fit versus just skinny but all flabby and fatty on the inside. Perhaps it doesn’t apply to everyone. Not everyone gets a high or the ‘I feel good’ feeling post-workout. For me, I love working up a good sweat, I hate it when my muscles are quivering and I’m on the brink of giving up. It’s always getting past that barrier and trying to do the best out of it. The post feeling is always A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

Almost two months back, I convinced my colleague to get onto the Kayla Itsines program with me. I couldn’t have chosen a better workout partner. We motivate each other and have been keeping to it even during our hectic travel schedules. We got up at 5am to workout and give each other wakeup calls. I’ve been waking up earlier to get in the workout and it’s so tough to physically drag myself out of bed. But so far so good. Though I don’t see drastic changes in physical tone, I am definitely feeling stronger. It’s been easier on the runs or in yoga classes and I am determined to finish the program. I’ve set goals for myself after this program is completed so I’m hoping to keep it up.

I’ve realized that once a week yoga is not going to get marked improvements in either flexibility or inversions, I’m trying to see how I can make it down to the studio more regularly. I often think to myself, there is so much to do in life. I don’t have enough time to run, yoga, strength training and that’s just working out. So it baffles me when people find their lives boring. On the other hand, I’ve also learned to not waste time on doing things that I’m not really interested in. For example, spin classes, cycling, kickboxing and swimming. So when people lament that running is so boring but it is the fastest way to lose weight, my reply is – find another sport. You’re doing it for the wrong reason and it won’t be sustainable. Whatever you choose, the aim should be to get better, an inch towards your goal (whatever it may be) and slowly but surely, I promise, you’ll get there.


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This year’s inspiration

January 27th, 2015 No Comments »

All images taken from Amanda Bisk

One of my resolution this year is to spend more time and heart into yoga and gain more flexibility and strength. It’s something that I failed to keep up with last year and so far, I’ve been trying my best. I can’t tell you how much yoga helps or at least, it does for me.

The other day, my gf sent me a text with a photo of Amanda Bisk. She’s a former Australian Pole Vaulter and now, a qualified yoga and fitness instructor. Initially, when I saw the picture that she sent, I thought she was a bit too skinny. Then I checked out her account and wow! She’s super lean, toned and fit. I told her that okay we need to get lean and she replied – “We are both already lean. We just need to grow more legs.”


True that. While that is never going to happen, sad but true *sigh, I have an aim and goal that I want to work on.   I’ll need heaps of discipline, it’s not just a class or two a week but regular and consistent work at home and even as my teacher said, it can be done! The problem with running is that it does set you back in yoga progress each time it’s done. I was very glad to hear my teacher, who’s an ex marathoner and has accomplished 7 so far, tells me, that it can be done. You can run and do yoga. She gave me quite a few tips that I can work on and I don’t know why, I walked out of the studio feeling extremely light, relaxed and my back hasn’t felt this good in awhile.

I’m determined to do this. Please encourage me along the way! I’m glad I’ve colleagues and friends in it so that helps. I don’t want to be skinny but all fatty inside. I want to be lean and strong. My friends tell me that I’m already lean. Well, it doesn’t hurt to strive to be better. I’m not going to get obsessed over it and do yoga like 5 times a week or so. But I’ll make some small changes and hope it’ll help. Let’s see how it goes in 6 months time :) Wish me luck!

The challenge

June 2nd, 2014 No Comments »


My colleagues at work have a challenge that is on-going. Over the next 60 days, they will both strive to lose weight and on the last day, a weigh-in will be done. The person who loses the least % weight loss will have to *drumroll.. wear a bikini top and walk through the food court during lunchtime :) Oh yes. That’s the craziness that happens at my work place.

I’m on team D. To support him, I’ve taken on a 30days ab challenge on my own, and also, started doing more strengthening and core training and get my sculpted abs baaaack! So I will be working working working and hope my laziness doesn’t get the better of me.

On a side note, if anyone would like to sponsor D and help him to win the challenge, please contact me directly 😛 I can’t reveal anything here because the competition might be reading this.. but he has gathered his elite team consisting of seasoned triathletes, marathoners etc.. and we have a strategy. Oooh yeah. Be very afraid.

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hicJuice Reboot

March 10th, 2014 No Comments »


For those following me on Instagram, you would know that I was (still am) on a 3 day juice cleanse. Thanks to the good folks at hicJuice who sponsored a day cleanse for me, I decided to upgrade it to a 3 day cleanse.

There are many juice cleanse programs out there and this one seems to be popular because the juices are yummy (had a friend who’s tried all other juice brands and says this one worked the best for her!), it’s a very organized program with a lot of information on the website. After doing quite a bit of research, I was ready to take up this challenge and that this was the right program for me.

The 3 day Reboot cleansing program seems to make the most sense for my lifestyle. Level 2 and 3 seemed too hardcore with a lot of greens -_- and I didn’t want to overkill myself. I do admit that I eat relatively healthy. Meaning, I stay away from fried food (I do indulge but not a big fan anyway except truffle fries), I don’t eat fast food. Period. I eat salads for dinners few times a week, I am trying to lessen my carbs intake on the days that I don’t exercise. I still eat a lot of desserts especially when I bake and experiment a lot.

Read on for my cleansing journey and I’ve decided to write this review one day earlier – before the entire 3 days is over, because it’s not only be going great, hicJuice has also kindly decided to extend a promotional discount for all my friends and readers since many of you indicated interest. Do read on and for the promo code details.

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Getting it right

January 30th, 2014 No Comments »

Most will classify me as ‘healthy’. Simply put, I exercise and eat moderately healthy. There are people that I know that workout like hell then smoke and drink heaps. In my humble honest opinion, I find it rather pointless as whatever benefits you reap from exercising, is negated by the crap you expose yourself to. Drinking is okay in moderate amounts but when it becomes a regular affair, perhaps, it’s time to re-evaluate.

I have my vices too. Chocolates and desserts. I try to trim down on those. Another goal that I’m hoping to achieve is to stretch more post-runs. That is rather important I think. If you work your body hard, you do need to stretch out the muscles and it helps prevent injuries too. I’ve been going for foot and back massages more frequent too and popping over to my physio every now and then to re-align my back and sort out any nagging issues.

So I’m trying to eat more greens i.e. salads, eat healthier in general, lesser sweets. A colleague told me earlier that his palette has somewhat changed and he now eats lesser carbs and for dinner, almost ¾ of his plate contains greens. I’ve not seen him workout so much before so it’s quite inspiring. Plus, he’s lost like 6-8kg just by staying active and making diet changes.

Those 3 things above are my favorite ‘torture stretching tools’. Loopz band has been something that I’ve been looking at for awhile but it’s quite exxy so I’ve been holding off the purchase for it for awhile. My physio recommended that I get a resistance band to strengthen my deltoids and help with my stretches. He said the Loopz band was good so I got it. I’ve used it once so far and I have to say that I much prefer it to the standard resistance band. It’s a lot more comfortable to use, I love the loops that make it easier to slide your hands and feet through and the exercises are good. Then of course, tiger tail roller helps rubs out the knots and kinks in my muscles and the pointy ball is my feet’s best friend right now.

Now, I need to make a conscious effort to use up the 20 classes I have for yoga. It’s so good for me, I just get lazy. I wish one was at my house downstairs 😛 I would be there almost daily methinks.

Breaking of the dessert ban

November 17th, 2013 No Comments »

A month back, I had the crazy idea of going on a dessert ban or rather, no chocolates or desserts for a full month. It was initially supposed to be a bet between K and I. He, like me, has a really sweet tooth. We wanted to bet and see who would cave in first and we were trying to decide on the penalty for the loser. It was supposed to be a month or something of prata/nasi lemak (all the things that I hate) for breakfast for me and if he lost, he had to eat chia seeds and all my ‘hamster/rabbit’ food as he terms it. But then we both decided to try and encourage one another instead so we started..

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Drink up!

November 4th, 2013 4 Comments »

My mama always tell me to drink more water. That I don’t hydrate enough. True that.

I actually love drinking water but I just don’t drink enough of it. I don’t take soft drinks or anything flavored, I do drink tea (love my teas but unsweetened and without milk), so it’s a good habit. I’ve been aiming to drink at least a 1-1.5 litres daily which I honestly thought was sufficient but apparently not!

Check out this article – I’m completely blown away by the results. Her skin! And the weight loss?! I’m ignoring all the nay-sayers saying it’s photo-shopped yada yada because seriously, this wasn’t for an ad for some mineral water – it’s just about drinking water i.e. hydrating sufficiently (sorry, I hate negativity and whiners). So the magic number is THREE. It’ll likely take awhile to get to drinking 3 full litres but let’s try.

I’ve read in another article that drinking when you’re thirsty isn’t ideal as it only means that you’re already dehydrated hence, the feeling of thirst. With the level of physical activities that I engage in, it only means that my system requires a larger intake of water so the verdict is clear. I need to drink more water. My massage therapist used to nag at me and tell me that I’ve water retention in my legs and I shouldn’t drink water after 8pm -_-. I keep telling him that I’ve fat calves really.. there are some old Chinese practices that really don’t make sense to me and this is just one example. Say I don’t drink after 8pm, that means, I’ll not have hydrated for almost 12 hours by the time I wake up in the morning – surely, that can’t be good for the body. This article will definitely debunk this myth.

Drink up, hydrate. Sharing a beauty secret here so please don’t say I don’t share.

Oh. A random side note – for those that are on iOS 7, I found this very useful to extending your battery lifespan. I went through the entire list and realized mine were all on the ‘battery draining’ settings. I don’t have some of the fancy animations but heck that. Battery life is more important.

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