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Taylor mashup

January 3rd, 2015 No Comments »

I love mash-ups. I think , I started falling in love with mash-ups when I was in the Glee watching phase. I’ve always admired cover artistes that do mash-ups and sometimes, I do prefer the mash-up versions 😛

I’m unabashedly a huge Taylor Swift fan. I love that she’s so honest, talented in the way that she writes her music, love love love her music,  has an extremely big heart and is genuine and sincere towards her fans.. and hey, anyone that gets asked to perform not once but twice for the Victoria Secrets’ show has to be cool right?

So this video of hers made me cry (yes, I’ve become such an emo mess and glad that my gf confessed to me that she cried too *high fives) and then this cover of her latest hits is on a constant repeat.


August 22nd, 2014 No Comments »

Great minds think alike and it’s also another reason why I get along fabulously well with P. We both love reading to enrich ourselves and we look up to a lot of power women in the corporate world. I posted this fabulous article via Fast Company on FB and P actually posted it on her blog too. :) Truly, great minds think alike.

I read to be inspired. I believe that no one person can be a know-it-all. Every day is almost a learning experience for me. When I’m free, I enjoy reading articles on Fast Company, Huffington Post, NYTimes, Forbes, just to state a few. There are so many great articles out there and I can’t emphasize how compelling one interview, one video can be. I have a number of women role models that I look up to – Jenny Lyons of JCrew, Natalie Massanet of Net-A-Porter, Jeanne Jackson of Nike, and recently, Angela Ahrendts of Apple. Ahrendts recently joined Apple after being the CEO at Burberry for 7-8 years. She is one of Forbes’ 50 most influential women, one of the highest paid CEO in U.K, one of London’s most influential powerful women. Google her and her resume is mind-blowing. She is one helluva presenter and do watch the two videos that I’ve posted here. Amazing insights that I use at my own work actually and she makes Burberry sexier and more desirable than I’ve thought it to be.

And really, it’s all about storytelling. That’s what sets the best brands apart from the rest. :)

Lego Calendar

August 9th, 2014 No Comments »



OMG. Want. Need. This.

Check out the video here

Those wonderful long weekends

May 3rd, 2014 No Comments »


The months of April and (newly minted) May have been the best with the Easter and Labor Day long weekends. Although work has been physically and mentally exhausting for a good couple of months, I’ve been extremely excited and happy about the new role. I think 2014 has started off to a jolly good start with so many things to be thankful for. I might even say, please, time, please slow down for a bit so that I can literally slow down and smell the roses. The moments are almost fleeting that I can’t savor them enough before the next one arrives..

But for now, be it floral arrangement classes with Yi Lian, photography sessions at my home, catch-ups over early morning brecckies and even something as simple as sleeping in on a Sunday to catch up on sleep because I’ve been working 10-14 hours straight for a few weeks, I’ve been taking it all in good stride. I’ve discovered that when things get crazy hectic busy i.e. lunches are a 10 minutes rushed affair at my desk and the minutes fly by and there’s endless to complete, I breathe and take each day at a time. Well, I’ve survived without any meltdowns so it’s been all good.

May is going to zip by in a flash and June will be crazy again but let’s bring it on shall we?


*pictures galore!

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Favorites in Haji Lane

February 10th, 2014 No Comments »

Haji Lane has a lot of hidden treasures especially when it comes to fashion shopping. The stores that I love have nothing to do with it though and are the ones where I just find it therapeutic to walk in, browse and perhaps buy a thing or two.

I’ve been dreaming of owning a Tokyo bike for awhile but until I buy a bigger apartment or miraculously have renewed space, that idea won’t fly. Meanwhile, drooling over those bikes can be quite relaxing. The Brooks speciality (next door), has leather seats in all colors for the bike enthusiasts. Several bag options for the avid cyclist and it’s just a nice space to pop into for a bit. Wonderland, which I’ve blogged about it before and Salad Stop. Perhaps half of you know of Salad Stop and maybe some don’t. I almost like to keep it a secret because it sells some treasures. I’ve procured quite a few house items from here but well, it’s nice to share because others will return the favor. If you love glass jars, home-ware or even some artificial plants, Salad Stop has quite a lovely collection.

Tokyo Bike Singapore/Brooks Specialty (just next door)
38-01 Haji Lane
Singapore 189231
+(65) 6299-5048

37 Haji Lane
Singapore 189231

Salad Stop
25/27 Haji Lane
Singapore 189218
+(65) 6299-5805
Opens: Mon-Sat, 12-8pm, Sun, 12-6pm

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Food styling

December 30th, 2013 No Comments »

I had the fortune to meet Elodie of Framing Plates, a professional food stylist and photographer and author of an upcoming cookbook. You might find her works familiar as she contributes to Appetite magazine and a couple others. I love the style and flair she has for food presentation and the way her photos captivate and capture your attention.

As most would know, I love cooking and I also enjoy food styling and I was excited to join 4 other girls for Elodie’s food styling workshop. The rest were there as part of work as their job includes food styling and I was quite embarrassed to introduce myself as someone that just enjoys cooking and has an interest in food styling and uh I blog.

It was a lot of fun. I picked up valuable tips and had a fun hands-on session food styling while she guided. With two other girls, we styled a simple orange blossom cake – ours was the one with the blueberries and that’s my hand in the above photo, dusting on the icing sugar. I was delighted that the other two agreed with my ideas, they tweaked a little and I’m so pleased with the result! It’s also fascinating how two same cakes styled differently can have such a vast result. I love the other pair’s creation – Christmassy yet serious feel to it.

I’ve also found a purpose (or rather, big excuse) to justify my incessant (never-ending) procurement and collection of pretty plates, flatware, cake stands ecetera. I need them as … props. So there 😉

Photographs courtesy of Elodie and rest taken by me.

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The Spoon

October 19th, 2013 No Comments »



The Spoon. A new digital read. It’s similar to Kinfolk, Cereal, Lucky Peach. It’s centered around food, beautiful photography, lifestyle and a comforting read with a good cuppa. Inspirational and lovely. I just wished it was more of a digital magazine format versus an individual download app per copy – bit of a pain if you ask me.

Any other good reads to share? Those four are the ones that I love apart from Martha Stewart’s Living and Real Simple. I can spend a week on some beach at St Lucia (a place I recently discovered and want to visit) or Bali or Maldives and just spend my time doing absolutely nothing but reading, yoga, eating and sleeping. One can dream right?

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