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As she grows

June 8th, 2015 No Comments »


This not so little one grows more each time I see her. Her personality really shines through these days and she is more like a little adult to me than a 2.5yo though I often refer to her as ‘the small one’..

She’s a bit of the perfect little girl. I’m biased of course.. but you see, she loves everything girly – having her hair tied, tulle and tutus, and ballet, she loves playing ‘masak masak’, princesses, pink and purple. And then, she loves books – she really has my heart there. She also loves music, running and racing with me, riding her balance bike and scooter though she’s quite terrible at it 😛

So what goes on when we ‘hang out’ these days?

I usually try to think of new activities but go with the flow depending on her mood. The other day, we started off with our tea party, then Noah’s Ark and her little brother wanted to play too (She still gets seemingly jealous when I pay attention to him). Then she took off to her room so I said let’s go play downstairs. I’ll ask her to pick out her leggings and help her dress but that day, she wanted to play a different game. She laid down on the floor and pretended to sleep.

So I whispered, “Is Colette sleeping”? 

And she whispered back, with eyes closed, “Yes.”

I said, “Do you want Bunny”?


“Do you want to be covered with the blanket”?

“Yes” with eyes still shut..

“Are you feeling warm?”

She threw off the blanket, opened her eyes, looked at me and giggled and thought for a bit then went, “No.”

So I covered her with the blanket again.

“Are we still going downstairs to play? Or are you sleeping?”


“Why are we whispering?”

“I don’t know.” And she peeps out of her blanket and giggles.

“Shall we go downstairs and look for something?”

“Okay.” .. still whispering.

“What shall we look for?”




So she got dressed, she thought it was funny that we had a secret and kept going Sshhh and we grabbed her balance bike and she picked out her purple Nikes and we headed down. She insisted on going to her school to look for lizards and I almost fainted on the spot. Well you know this smarty pants actually knows her way around. We were finding out way out of the condo and I wanted to go in one direction and she went, “No this way.” I said, “You are sure you know the way?” She nodded confidently. So she successfully brought me out and as we crossed the carpark, I made her stop and look and that smarty pants got it right each time.

Thankfully, I managed to convince her that the lizards in school were sleeping (Oohh my the lies we tell..) so we went along our usual area to hunt for lizards. I didn’t know what I had got myself into.. I mean, what if we never found a lizard. So while I was literally sweating trying to help her in her balance bike and then she got tired of it so I was carrying her balance bike, I suddenly saw a lizard. Monitor lizard, iguana whatever. It was a lizard. I was so excited I squealed and pointed and said, “LIZARD!!!” Well, before that, we both decided if we saw a lizard, we would raise our hands and scream lizard. I was obviously excited (and relieved) we found one. The little one tiptoed cautiously towards the lizard. It was balancing on some metal chains. Then both of us stood there for a good ten minutes, transfixed, staring at the lizard. I finally went, “Shall we look for more?”. She was really excited by now and nodded. So we walked about 10m down then she said she wanted to go back to see if the lizard was still there so we landed up walking back and taking a photo of it – she was afraid to stand too close to it so she pushed me towards it *LOL.

And that was the evening. We didn’t see any more lizards and I have a video of her saying how she’s afraid the lizards will bite her, but we sat on the steps counting the number of runners with pink tops, white tops, blue tops, people on scooters and I also taught her how to watch out for her bike as we were running amok around playing ‘catching’ and she kept her eyes on her bike to check that no one was stealing it. I don’t know if she learnt anything but what I’ve learned is that to always let a kid go explore, run around, fall, pick up themselves, do new things. And you know what else I learnt? She behaves very differently when it is just us two. She gets closer to me, holds my hand and the moments are precious.

I also love that she loves being read too and flipping through books. Sometimes, I wonder if the love for reading is innate in a child or when you expose the child to it that he/she develops a love for it. I like to think it is the latter because they can’t like what you don’t expose them to right?

Keep growing my little one and keep staying curious and keep wanting to explore because Aunty A hopes to help you unlock that wonderful potential in you in being the greatest little human you will possibly be. Just don’t grow up too fast (or too heavy..)

“Aunty Andrea I want to touch the leaf on the tree!”

I looked at her dad who is carrying her brother so he grinned and went, “Good luck.”

So I carried the 15kg leggy 2.5yo and huffed and panted and squeaked, “Ok touch the leaf quuuick.”

And she giggles and it’s all worth it.


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Five captures

February 21st, 2015 No Comments »

I received these five gorgeous well-captured moments in my inbox the other day and I couldn’t be happier to have these digital moments to keep and treasure. Memories live in your heart and mind but photographs be it in digital or print helps preserve the magic of it. And while Colette might not remember these moments in future, her silly godma or Auntie Andrea will always do. I love watching kids grow up. You start to notice the little quirks and uniqueness of each. Like Blake. He tiptoes when he walks, he has an ever ready grin and smile that lights up your heart. His eyes light up when he see food :P, he’s cheeky, he’s kind hearted and he’s a beautiful reflection of my two dear friends Zhing and Daniel. And then of course I notice the little things in Colette which her parents probably already know but it’s new to me and I learn new ones each time I see her.

When she stands, she sticks her butt out – it’s the cutest sight ever. When she’s really happy, she throws her head back and laugh, big laugh, eyes crinkle up, big grin and it’s always followed by continuous giggles. When she’s tired, her mood dips and she will ask for her pacifier and bunny. She pushes me away when she’s upset with me. She doesn’t like me to pay too much attention to her little brother. She shows me a different side when I’m alone with her. She’s shy when there’s too many people around. She’s super OCD – people should wear shoes when outside period. Her hair smells nice and she never stinks even when she’s sweaty or hasn’t showered 😛 She’s in her best mood after eating chocolate, drinking chocolate, after a good nap. Her Daddy is her hero – her eyes light up when she sees him. Her mommy is her protector and comfort actually, her ma ma too. She loves her brother and Nara. She loves music and bobs around to it. She’s a smart cookie. She loves pink and lilac. She’s a girly girl. I think she lets me dress her because she knows that I’ll play peekaboo toes and fingers with her when I pull on her leggings and top. She’s a food junkie like me – chocolates for meals are fine. She doesn’t like the icing/frosting on top of cupcakes.

You see, that’s why I try to always spend time with her. Because that’s when I get to know her.

It’s funny how five photos brought out so many memories huh? But that’s what they are meant to do after all. :)

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Let’s go for a picnic

February 8th, 2015 No Comments »

Some months back, I asked my girlfriends if they were up to do a picnic. I think it all started in Japan when E and I were talking about picnic baskets. Coincidentally, I got this realistic looking grass picnic mat and was dying to use it.

Lucky me was sent over a picnic basket from Heavens Bloom (they’re also doing a giveaway here ) and you might have seen the shout-out over at my Instagram . So while we couldn’t make it in time to have the picnic with the goodies, I did manage to invite two friends over for an impromptu movie night with a ‘picnic’ in my living room – it looked pretty legit with this grass mat 😛

The following week, I did have my picnic and I lugged the basket along and it was fun just watching the kids playing and we tried to grab bites here and there with the wind blowing and kids creating havoc around us. I think we were all picnic newbies and brought way too much food BUT, I think the company really counted and we all had fun and it (to me) was a big success 😛 More to come, it’s just a good excuse to get out and enjoy life a little at a slower pace.

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That face

January 24th, 2015 1 Comment »


Cc always gets a separate post. Well she’s cc and she always gets a separate post.

Whenever I don’t see her for a few weeks, I get nervous. Will she forget me? Will she remember who I am? Thankfully she remembers. She does take awhile to warm up still and I wonder what goes on in her precious little mind.

That weekend was fun. I’m lucky I get the memories to keep not only in my brain that sometimes, functions like a sieve, but E always captures beautiful moments. I played a new game with her. Running. What else do you expect from me? 😛 Her godpa says she won’t be athletic. WHO SAYS SO?! She can swim, she has started on ballet *whoohooo and running will come sooner or later. I was giggling so hard when she started running – it’s really hilarious but oh-so-precious. But it’s rude of me to laugh at her so I bit my tongue and ran and let her win. “Who runs faster?”. Colette, she tells me.

You know what’s the thing with kids? I want to let them run around, explore and experience. But I’m always so afraid that the moment I let go off her hand or take my eye off her for a second, something bad will happen. So I’m always looking and staying close and I think she finds it annoying sometimes 😛 When she saw an empty macdonalds cup sitting on the table, she ran towards it and I could literally read her OCD mind. I watched in amusement as she tried to ‘fix’ the cup back by fitting on the cover and then trying to insert the straw back in and I was going Nooooooo! It’s dirty! She replied by giggling. I responded by slyly distracting her and dragging her away from that cup.

When you discover the little nuances and quirks of a child, it’s both heartwarming and amusing. It’s what makes them special and unique and I do wonder, how much do we try to ‘correct it’ or just let it be. But because I’m OCD like her, I get it and I get her. It takes one to know one I suppose.

Thanks for always teaching me something new each time I see you Cc. You never fail to make me smile and laugh and when you went ‘auntie andrea bao bao’, my heart melted into a puddle. Thank goodness you’ve lost weight and are lighter so it’s easy to carry you but man, you’re half my height #damnmyshortgenes.

I hope everyone who is a parent or a godparent spends time with the child. It’s not about bringing a child out, leaving them to entertain themselves while you chit chat and do your own thing. Sometimes it is but sometimes, you just have to give the child time. The returns will be tenfold I promise.. I had to share the pictures below the cut because they are too precious. Check out that smile and laughter. Those are the moments that no amount of money can buy. And that reminds me.. there’s a little boy that I need to visit soon. Apparently, we will have a debate – the dog that I gave him is a ‘caterpillar’ and something’s telling me, that I will lose that debate.

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Tokyo, Colette and more

December 18th, 2014 No Comments »



I never used to believe in fate. Not that much at least but now, I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. Like if you didn’t get the house that you were yearning for (happened to me and my good friend) and a much better one came along. Like the breakups or the job that you wanted and didn’t get. Life works in strange ways and for whatever it is, it’s always for a good reason or two.

I have this space to thank for my job, the fabulous friends that I’ve met along the way (and kept) and then, the biggest one till date, a little burst of sunshine that bounced into my life. Unexpectedly. It wasn’t like I was looking for her and she certainly wasn’t looking for me. But then I met her mommy and then we became friends and then I met her and I found out that she loves chocolates, is OCD like me and has little quirks that well.. reminds me much of .. me.

I think we had a little connection right from the start and I still remember that breakfast morning where after a good 45 minutes of being absolutely shy, she came up to me, slid her tiny hand into mine and gestured for me to take her to look for books at the cafe. So we did. And the two of us set down in the corner, flipping through books and that moment when she threw her head back, laughing at whatever silly thing I was saying, I knew she was special, is special, and was going to be a special part of my life.

You can’t quite choose the people that you fall in love with, not even the little people. It’s like this. I love kids but many annoy me. Seriously. I don’t have patience with most, I find many spoiled but with her, I have unlimited amount of patience. I can’t even explain it. We had multiple Saturday breakfast dates, then it was school sports day and playtime at her house. I found myself waking up early on Saturdays to spend time with her. Chasing Peppa pigs, making little sacrifices. That’s what it is all about right? But it’s all worth it. I can’t explain the happiness when she recognizes me and runs up to me and gives me shy hugs and kisses and wants me to play with her. When E asked if I would like to join them on their trip in Tokyo I was overjoyed. It took a super long time to make it work – work schedules, asking for favors but it was all worth it.

So Tokyo happened and it was one of the best trips of my life. Tokyo in some ways has both bittersweet memories for me and I think C made it all right. We laughed, chased puddles, went hipperty hop down streets, played peekaboo games and all sorts of silly games and I got to know her better, saw her meltdowns and saw so many good sides of her that made my heart melt. For once it didn’t matter that I didn’t get to check out that store or eat at this restaurant because I was having so much fun with her. Isn’t it true that it is the company that matters most when you travel? And perhaps, E summed it up most in this touching post of hers.

So before the food posts of Tokyo floods this space and all the other updates that I have, I wanted the first after a hiatus to be about C. Because, sometimes, life and blogging isn’t just about trying to get the most number of hits, sponsorships, taking that perfect square to post it on Instagram, to get freebies but neglecting the ones around you in the process and I’ve seen that happening all around me. Sadly but true. But it is about remembering what matters, sharing what matters and some time down the road, I’ll re-read this post with a smile and reminisce on this special memory.

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Those precious moments

November 11th, 2014 2 Comments »


For Colette’s special two, her Godpa and I were supposed to share a gift – a balance bike. But a month or two prior, her mom updated that she is currently in the princess stage where it’s all about play and pretend, dresses and being a girly girl. We decided that a bicycle can wait and I decided to get for her (and start off her collection) a wooden play set. I sent to E a number of photos, asking C to pick and I was told, she said yes, yes, yes to all. Oh sweetheart! So E picked this set and when it arrived, she kept it hidden away till I was able to come over to open it with her.

When I opened the box, C said in her tiny voice, ‘Open, open’. LOL. And I unwrapped every cake, plate, swiss roll, chocolate and strawberry lollies and we had a little picnic with Peppa pig and friends. I was trying to tell her the name and word of every single item and the smarty picked it up quickly with accurate pronunciation. Kids these days really amaze me.

I think kids are really lucky with the endless options of toys and books and I always prefer to choose toys that educate like wooden toys, lego, play dough over electronics and good old books. My childhood memories still remain distinct and I recalled playing a lot, reading a lot. As a godma now, I’m always on the look out for stuff and clothes to spoil her with but every now and then, I get reminded that spending time with them is more important than anything else. It requires a lot more effort than buying a gift and seeing the joy in her eyes, experiencing the funny moments and even the tantrums are moments that money can’t buy.

While I can’t see her as often as I would like to, thanks to social media, I get to see her photos a lot and get snippets of updates from E. There was one time when I went over to visit and she smiled and came running up to me. That’s hard to forget and it really warms my heart and while it doesn’t happen all the time (none of her fault and mine for not being able to give her more time), I look forward to the day when it happens again and more regularly.

Happy two once again sunshine! It’s going to be a fabulous year! I can feel it! Love you heaps and loads! xoxo

Special two

October 30th, 2014 No Comments »


These are some of my favorite pictures (actually, all are), cos it shows how much of a dessert lover, chocoholic my little goddaughter is. Cc turns two today! Happy birthday sweetie! I love the way you’re OCD like me, your sweet nature and there’s something really special about you. I’m incredibly patient with this one. Looking forward to spending more time with you or I would like to say, ‘hanging out’. It makes me sound cooler 😛 And don’t blame me if I ever get your birthday mixed up! Blame it on your godpa who gave me the wrong dates and it’s stuck in my head..

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