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Five captures

February 21st, 2015 No Comments »

I received these five gorgeous well-captured moments in my inbox the other day and I couldn’t be happier to have these digital moments to keep and treasure. Memories live in your heart and mind but photographs be it in digital or print helps preserve the magic of it. And while Colette might not remember these moments in future, her silly godma or Auntie Andrea will always do. I love watching kids grow up. You start to notice the little quirks and uniqueness of each. Like Blake. He tiptoes when he walks, he has an ever ready grin and smile that lights up your heart. His eyes light up when he see food :P, he’s cheeky, he’s kind hearted and he’s a beautiful reflection of my two dear friends Zhing and Daniel. And then of course I notice the little things in Colette which her parents probably already know but it’s new to me and I learn new ones each time I see her.

When she stands, she sticks her butt out – it’s the cutest sight ever. When she’s really happy, she throws her head back and laugh, big laugh, eyes crinkle up, big grin and it’s always followed by continuous giggles. When she’s tired, her mood dips and she will ask for her pacifier and bunny. She pushes me away when she’s upset with me. She doesn’t like me to pay too much attention to her little brother. She shows me a different side when I’m alone with her. She’s shy when there’s too many people around. She’s super OCD – people should wear shoes when outside period. Her hair smells nice and she never stinks even when she’s sweaty or hasn’t showered 😛 She’s in her best mood after eating chocolate, drinking chocolate, after a good nap. Her Daddy is her hero – her eyes light up when she sees him. Her mommy is her protector and comfort actually, her ma ma too. She loves her brother and Nara. She loves music and bobs around to it. She’s a smart cookie. She loves pink and lilac. She’s a girly girl. I think she lets me dress her because she knows that I’ll play peekaboo toes and fingers with her when I pull on her leggings and top. She’s a food junkie like me – chocolates for meals are fine. She doesn’t like the icing/frosting on top of cupcakes.

You see, that’s why I try to always spend time with her. Because that’s when I get to know her.

It’s funny how five photos brought out so many memories huh? But that’s what they are meant to do after all. :)

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January 23rd, 2015 No Comments »

It’s way past my bedtime (breaking one of my goals..) but I feel like writing and it’s been a terribly long week. These pictures have made its rounds on my Instagram, but these days, I hardly use my camera since the iPhones function well for me and perhaps, I need to get a wifi card or upgrade my Sony to one that has that built in.

I’m trying to grapple with the fact that January is almost done and dusted, like seriously, where on earth has it gone to?!! It’s scary how fast time flies by and I seriously want it to please slow down. Perhaps when you are so insanely busy, time goes by more quickly, I can’t even recall how each day has gone by since the year started. Oh wait. I do. Tonsillitis then it was back into work and it’s been non-stop since. Like pulling late nights till almost midnight and lunch is a 10-15 minutes at the desk affair and I’m so brain dead but trying my best to keep up to my resolutions for this year and I am pleased to say that it’s been pretty much on track so far.

Much as I love work, it does get draining and I find myself looking forward to the weekend where I can veg and do nothing and in short, not use my brain. Unfortunately, the last few weekends have been work weekends so well, work isn’t as fun as everyone thinks -_- I seriously kowtow to full-time working moms. How challenging is it to rush into the office each day, stay focus at work so that they can leave on time or at a decent time to rush back home to spend time with the kid(s). Lunches and coffee breaks are a luxury and the majority of working moms that I know and work with – they hardly spend time on social media. For me, I’m literally brain fried, brain dead after a day’s work and to return home to be a parent and wife is so difficult. And for the men that share the same parenting responsibilities, it’s the same. So for that, big big respect.

So what have I been filling my spare time? The last two weeks is sleeping and doing household chores. I try to bake or cook on weekends mostly to destress and I’ve been doing yoga quite diligently, stretching and slotting in runs. Life gets busy as it always does and I really shouldn’t complain because if I look at the big picture, I’m lucky. Lucky to have work to pay my bills and mortgage and everything that I need to keep me comfortable. And lucky to be able to do the things that I want and spend time with people that I love. So next week will get better, it always gets better after a tough week (or two or three) and well, I do have a vacation to look forward to. Now is to plan for the next big one and hmm maybe one year end and then try to slot in Bali and Bangkok. Uh ambitious? Possible if I try and possible if I remain focus on what I want to achieve and push aside the distractions and keep moving forward.

TGIF! And for this week, seriously, THANK GAWD IT’S FRIDAY! :)

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Tokyo, Colette and more

December 18th, 2014 No Comments »



I never used to believe in fate. Not that much at least but now, I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. Like if you didn’t get the house that you were yearning for (happened to me and my good friend) and a much better one came along. Like the breakups or the job that you wanted and didn’t get. Life works in strange ways and for whatever it is, it’s always for a good reason or two.

I have this space to thank for my job, the fabulous friends that I’ve met along the way (and kept) and then, the biggest one till date, a little burst of sunshine that bounced into my life. Unexpectedly. It wasn’t like I was looking for her and she certainly wasn’t looking for me. But then I met her mommy and then we became friends and then I met her and I found out that she loves chocolates, is OCD like me and has little quirks that well.. reminds me much of .. me.

I think we had a little connection right from the start and I still remember that breakfast morning where after a good 45 minutes of being absolutely shy, she came up to me, slid her tiny hand into mine and gestured for me to take her to look for books at the cafe. So we did. And the two of us set down in the corner, flipping through books and that moment when she threw her head back, laughing at whatever silly thing I was saying, I knew she was special, is special, and was going to be a special part of my life.

You can’t quite choose the people that you fall in love with, not even the little people. It’s like this. I love kids but many annoy me. Seriously. I don’t have patience with most, I find many spoiled but with her, I have unlimited amount of patience. I can’t even explain it. We had multiple Saturday breakfast dates, then it was school sports day and playtime at her house. I found myself waking up early on Saturdays to spend time with her. Chasing Peppa pigs, making little sacrifices. That’s what it is all about right? But it’s all worth it. I can’t explain the happiness when she recognizes me and runs up to me and gives me shy hugs and kisses and wants me to play with her. When E asked if I would like to join them on their trip in Tokyo I was overjoyed. It took a super long time to make it work – work schedules, asking for favors but it was all worth it.

So Tokyo happened and it was one of the best trips of my life. Tokyo in some ways has both bittersweet memories for me and I think C made it all right. We laughed, chased puddles, went hipperty hop down streets, played peekaboo games and all sorts of silly games and I got to know her better, saw her meltdowns and saw so many good sides of her that made my heart melt. For once it didn’t matter that I didn’t get to check out that store or eat at this restaurant because I was having so much fun with her. Isn’t it true that it is the company that matters most when you travel? And perhaps, E summed it up most in this touching post of hers.

So before the food posts of Tokyo floods this space and all the other updates that I have, I wanted the first after a hiatus to be about C. Because, sometimes, life and blogging isn’t just about trying to get the most number of hits, sponsorships, taking that perfect square to post it on Instagram, to get freebies but neglecting the ones around you in the process and I’ve seen that happening all around me. Sadly but true. But it is about remembering what matters, sharing what matters and some time down the road, I’ll re-read this post with a smile and reminisce on this special memory.

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Life in squares

October 24th, 2014 No Comments »

While this space has been neglected, I’ve been regularly in updates on Instagram. It’s so much easier. And if you aren’t following me, here’s what’s been happening.

I’ve been enjoying styling, doing a bit of flatlays, eating as usual and just capturing moments through my trusty iPhone. And of course, filters make everything extra beautiful 😉


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A dessert for every season on Bloesem

September 26th, 2014 No Comments »

photography by Franz of lilreddotfolks

These two are just a few of my favorite food shots  because it was so beautifully styled and it’s personal as the desserts were prepared and lovingly baked by yours truly.

Feature here.

The simple things in life

August 13th, 2014 No Comments »


I don’t always need expensive meals for it to be enjoyable, sometimes, the simple things in life are truly the best. Like these siopao (toasted buns with corned beef) that was carried all the way from Manila for me. I immediately stashed them into zip locks and chucked them into the freezer and defrosted them in the fridge before popping them into the toaster. So so good. Look out for these if you visit the Philippines. This and pandesal.

On repeat

July 28th, 2014 No Comments »

Sometimes, it’s best to just keep doing the things that you love, on repeat. Don’t re-invent the wheel, stick to what’s familiar, and if it makes you happy, constant repeat.



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