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For my future home

May 26th, 2014 No Comments »


This is random. But then again, I am random :)

I’m happily surfing on a website to select a book as a gift and there are so many options that I can’t quite decide. Which brings me to my random thought – for my next home, which I pray by then, the size will be larger presuming I can afford a larger space (without compromising on the location that I live in..).. I want..

1. THAT awesome coffee maker. Yes I don’t drink coffee but isn’t it rad cool? If they had one for tea or hot chocolate – doubly awesome. (via)

2. A bigger kitchen. Where I can have not one but two proper ovens so that I can concurrently bake a dessert and roast a chicken.

3. Storage space for my ever-growing collection of bowls, plates, cups and flatware.. and week jars, mason jars ecetera..

4. A space for a bookshelf. Back to my first point on how I got to this random post – surfing a site looking at books. I love books. I may not have the time to read my books and keep up but that’s a different story altogether. I’m all for digital reads and I’ve a number of magazine subscriptions on my iPad mini. However, there are some books that must be bought and collected in printed physical form. The photography, the paper, the smell, the thrill of flipping through a physical book.

5. Walk-in wardobe. Which I currently have. It fascinates people on how I managed to have a walk-in wardrobe of a decent size in a 500+ sqft apartment but yup, I’ve done it. Once you have one.. it’s hard to give it up.

6. His-and-Hers sinks. To maintain morning sanity.

7. His man-cave. I don’t think I’ve met a man that doesn’t require a man-cave.

F*&k. That’s a lot to ask for huh?

5 things for every stylish homeowner

May 17th, 2014 2 Comments »


As some of you might have read over at the lilreddotfolks, I talked about 5 must-haves for every homeowner. So here’s to expand on that and share some pictures. For those with new homes, happy decorating! I’m already itching to decorate a new space so I keep trying to re-decorate mine -_-


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Small space, big style

April 14th, 2014 1 Comment »

If you recall that I had a photoshoot done of my little apartment early this January, well, the feature is out! It’s on page 66-67 of Catalog Magazine digital and print. Catalog has a huge following on Facebook and wide distribution on its print so I’m extremely excited and stoked by this feature. Thank you guys!

The beautiful pictures were shot by Franz of lilreddotfolks and carefully styled by the two wonderful ladies – Melody and Hosanna. I think my apartment looks exceptionally lovely all thanks to the talented work of these three. Do click on the link above if you would like to read more about my place and I’ll be doing more projects with Franz and the team so watch this space!

Ps you can follow these guys on IG –
Franz . Mel . Hosanna

The photoshoot

January 21st, 2014 No Comments »

Some time back, the lilreddotfolks asked if they could photograph my modest apartment and I was more than happy to say, “Yes!” (please!!). I’ve always been a big fan of the site and F’s photography style and it was such a big honor to being asked. It was only months later where the actual shoot took place – these guys are fully booked for their stories till year end, how insane is that?! So the built up to that was well, kinda exciting.

It was so stressful the week of the shoot itself. As I was preparing baked goods, it took me heaps of planning, a detailed to-do list and loads of puttering around and preparation. And on the day of the shoot itself, we were all praying that it wouldn’t rain. We literally tried catching the light as the sun danced in and out of the grey clouds and it rained here and there but being the fab photographer that F is, he took it all in stride and wryly commented that he has shot darker places.

I can’t believe that I prepared all those food above. They were all impressed hehe. It was all put to good use and after the food styling and photography, I invited everyone to sit around my little coffee table to enjoy the fresh bakes. I don’t want to divulge too much on the theme of the whole shoot so I’ll just share some pictures and all I can say is that, I had a fun session albeit stressful but I got to see first hand what it is like to have my apartment photographed. And the way the stylists M and H put together everything was ‘tres amazing. The shots taken were of my own version of styling and there was some improvisation of it during the shoot itself. I can’t even imagine how the final shots are going to look like and I probably can’t recognize my apartment when it’s released 😀

It’s likely coming out around May on lilreddotfolks and earlier on Catalog Magazine  digital and print! I can’t wait! But nervous to see how my own shots turns out – a few outfit changes! -_-

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Fleurs and re-decorating

July 30th, 2013 No Comments »

One of my favorite weekend activities is to either head out to the market to pick out some flowers or head over to JM with J. I love buying flowers wholesale and spending time arranging them around the house. This time around, I picked out hydrangeas, verbenas and orchids and spent a lovely time arranging them. I also changed out my coffee table tray and re-decorated some items in my house.

One of my favorite decorative spots in the house is the corner next to my television. My favorite Mason jar dispenser is proudly displayed, together with a treasured poster – You spin me round, from E and with two new additions – metal Giraffes that are meant to be bookends but are too tall and can’t fit into the bookshelf above -_- *doh

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The battle

March 1st, 2013 7 Comments »


So I am having a bit of a crisis in my apartment. While I had fabulously planned out the design and got everything down to a pat, I missed out something really critical. Actually, it wasn’t something that could be altered in any case but I could have put in a preventive measure at least. Mold.

It’s really annoying. My walk-in wardrobe faces the afternoon sun and that was frankly the only place that I could have my storage in, but I didn’t think it would turn out to be so humid within the space and resulting in a nightmare problem of mold on my bags and shoes! Yes. You can imagine me tearing out my hair in frustration.

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A place called home

January 18th, 2013 19 Comments »

Putting your own space together is a lot of fun. But it also comes along with a lot of headaches during the planning and renovating process, tiring because you need to hunt around for that perfect couch or search for a reasonable deal that won’t break the bank and all the nitty gritties that will drive you absolutely nuts. The best part is decorating. I spent hours, days and weeks scouring the Web for what I wanted, lugging all sorts of stuff back from the States but I loved every minute of it. In fact, I keep changing around the decor in my house so the pictures that you see – there are differences as I moved around items over the few days that I took the pictures 😛 I’m already itching to decorate another place so you can guess how much I enjoyed this portion of it!

All in all, it took me about 5 months to piece everything together. I knew exactly what I wanted and working with my contractor was easy. A studio space means there’s lesser to work on but it is also more challenging than a much bigger space as you need to optimize every corner and every item has to be functional – dual functional if possible. My couch converts into a queen sized bed for guests that stay over, it can be an L-shaped couch if I desire, the coffee table will transform to accommodate 6 at the table, my bed has a massive storage space that fits 2 large suitcases, 2 cabin sized luggages, a lot of other stuff and some space to spare, behind every mirror is storage space and my island has additional storage below it. Oh and it serves as a work space when I prepare food for cooking and a dining table for two. I had all these planned out in my mind before I approached my contractor and happy to say, everything turned out according to plan.

As I had many friends asking for contacts of where I got things done or purchased, I decided to compile everything into this post so that I don’t have to repeat myself gadzillion times. If there are any tips to share, a good contractor is more important than an interior designer especially if you know what you want – I didn’t need an ID to design my space and maximize every square foot of it. I did it all by myself – it’s possible! You can never never never have too much storage space! So don’t be afraid to build that! It’s better to conceal any mess, well for me, I like clean lines and prefer to keep as much hidden so my housecleaning stuff, drying rack are all hidden and I like it that way. Always have a budget at hand – how much you want to spend on the renovation, couch, bed etc and work from there. Investing in a good couch and mattress will go a long way. I’ll add – 600-800 threadcount sheets with sateen is a fab investment! Having the big items in neutral colors and have pop colors to liven up things. For mine, the theme was a base of white, dark browns and some grey and the pop colors were yellow and blue. Don’t rush in finding things – I took forever to find some items. It’s worth the effort and wait.

Enjoy the little tour around my apartment!

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