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Hood to Coast – We’ve got the world

November 9th, 2013 No Comments »

My 3rd Hood to Coast and probably the most memorable (or was it the first just ‘cos it was the first). This video sums it up :) I was looking so serious because I was jet-lagged and my video segment was filmed late at night before the race -_- And haha, AK went *sh*t because I was the runner before him and had arrived at the exchange point so he had to rush over. Now I know why you were late! 😛

We Run Singapore 2013

November 3rd, 2013 1 Comment »


I’ve been taking almost an hour and a half for my 10-12km weekly runs. I’ve no idea why but it’s just been slow long(er) runs. So I didn’t have an inkling to what time I was aiming for. Since my entire team had signed up, I figured it’ll just be a fun run which Nike runs always are.

There is something about standing at the starting line-up, feeling the adrenaline rush and then suddenly putting on a game face and getting competitive. I think there’s an inner competitive nature in me and the moment the count down starts and the flag off starts, I get into the zone. So I ran as best as I could (just like I did for the DC HALF earlier this year) but never pushing to my maximum limit especially not after the incident two days ago where I had a metal barrier “clang” right down on my skull. That and the stigma of my DNF race several years back which I’m always afraid that it will happen again. So I push, I do, but never to my maximum.

I enjoyed the race. It was slightly more humid but it was enjoyable. I think I was asking for it putting a cheeky slogan on my tee because I had a bit more attention than expected 😉

Day 84: 10km run
I can’t wait for the 100 days to be over!

Official timing: 00:56:14:71

Oh. I spent the rest of the day hibernating.

Hood to Coast 2013

September 22nd, 2013 No Comments »


It’s termed the Mother of all relays and it really is. 298 miles shared across 12 runners (most of the time, some teams have only 6..). This was my third time running Hood to Coast (HTC) and it’s still golden. Out of all the races that I’ve done, this would ranked as one of my favorites, especially when you run with good company. It really helped that this time around, I had some of my favorite people as my teammates :)

There is so much that goes into this race. The preparations for it – I was in charge of organizing the gear for the team and it was quite a nightmare coordinating sizes and colors ecetera. Logistics is key for this and I supposed having done this a few times, we are a lot more experienced. Some say it’s mad to fly thousands of miles across oceans to run a race but to me, it’s not crazy at all. I guess I am also lucky to be one of the lucky ones selected to run the race and have the entire trip sponsored by my awesome company.

This time around, we went all ‘profesh’ with our van decorations! We had decals instead of washable markers to draw on. Looks easy but we actually spent quite a few hours painstakingly peeling each decal off and sticking it onto the van. Half of the team had never done this race before so the veterans spent time sharing experiences and what to expect.

The race is without a doubt tiring and not for the faint-hearted. Be it running at 1am in the morning (everyone will need to run a midnight shift) where it is pitch dark and creepy scary – that is usually my fastest leg because I usually sprint to try catch up with the person in front and never, never, never look back. Or, having to sleep in the high school gym on the floor for a few hours with fifty others and a snoring symphony starts.. or using open showers i.e. everyone has to shower completely naked so it can get awkward with colleagues but for me, I’m so tired, I’m like heck whatever. Or the fact that you don’t have proper food or toilets – portable loos all the way. Or when I had a bug and landed up running to the portable loo literally 6 times in 2 hours and felt so weak, I almost didn’t make it for my last run but sucked it up and completed it. So it seems fun, it is fun, but you need to be tough and just embrace all of it and then it gets fun.

I’m having a bit of a writer’s block.. so I’ll just share some pictures and till the next one, which I hope, will be the ‘dream team’ 😉


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Nike Women’s Half Marathon

May 1st, 2013 No Comments »


2013 was meant to be a year where I wasn’t intending to participate in any races and to take a break from running. But when the opportunity came about for me to run in the inaugural Nike Women’s Half-Marathon race in Washington D.C, I had to take it up.

I had a month to train for it and frankly speaking, though not ideal, a month to train for a half (since I’ve done a couple before) was doable. The reality was I had just moved cities temporarily and was settling into my new lifestyle. Excuses excuses. I landed up not training for it but did engaged in cardio activities like swimming, ultimate frisbee and yoga. I figured that I would just enjoy the race and complete it – no pressure, no expectations.

Flying from the West coast to the East coast is a bit of a pain with the time difference. It averages a half day affair and since my work schedule was tight, I landed up doing a weekend trip. But you know, it was so worth it. I met up with friends, did some catching up, enjoyed the city a little and had fun.

A funny moment was when I realized that my plan to pre-order room service for my breakfast in the morning before heading out for the race wasn’t going to materialize. The race start was at 7am which meant that I had to leave my hotel at 6am to get there at 630am. Room service started only at 6am so I was pretty much screwed. I landed up having to think creatively and ordered a basket of toast with butter and jam at 10pm and ate it the next morning.

The weather that morning was perfect. It started off around 12 degrees celsius and hit around 24. In fact, it was hot. The amazing thing about the race is the route. It felt like a sightseeing tour running past the monuments and taking in the beautiful sights of D.C. It was so enjoyable and inspirational. I felt surprisingly good and decided to try and do a good run instead of just aiming to complete. I mentally set some time goals in mind and just listened to my body and ran accordingly.

Around the 15km mark, my right foot started to cramp up. I was thinking to myself, uh oh but I kept wriggling my toes and stopped a few times to stretch. Thankfully, it held up and I finished well with an official time of 2:11:40. Just about 3 minutes slower than my personal best timing but I was rather stoked considering that I had zero training for the half marathon and my longest run for it was a mere 8km run that took place 2 weeks prior.

I would say this was one of my most enjoyable half marathons – less painful compared to the San Francisco half which was.. hilly. However, I did pay dearly for not training (so please do not follow what I did!) and am now nursing a swollen and painful right foot. I need to get that sorted out. But well, I had fun, it was tiring flying all the way back and plunging deep into a hectic work week but the highlights aside from the race was catching up with friends, getting my hands on the limited edition Tiffany colored Nike Free 5.0 and adding another Tiffany’s finisher necklace to my collection! It’s the best finisher medal by the way!

A short report (sort of), enjoy the pictures while I go hibernate.

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For Boston

April 16th, 2013 No Comments »





I’m sure everyone would have heard about the tragedy earlier at the Boston marathon. I was in a training course on campus when our facilitator broke the bad news. Thankfully, so far, all my colleagues and friends that were running the race, have been accounted for.

I can’t express how angry I am. Having ran three marathons, the very last thing on my mind as I approach the finishing line, exhausted, weak and vulnerable, is that I’ll get bombed. It’s a very cruel senseless act and this one really hits home.

My race next weekend in D.C will be in memory for the victims of Boston. I’ll promise to be safe and as my friends have been texting me worried that I was actually running the race since I’d mentioned I was racing in April, and living in the U.S. Meanwhile, it’s hard to say this because nowhere seems safe anymore, but be safe.

Throwback Thursday

March 7th, 2013 No Comments »

A video from eons ago. Well, not like a decade but 5 years back and this brought back so many memories that I re-posted it on FB.

Running individual races is satisfying, you get a personal sense of achievement. However, if you have never participated in a team or relay race, I suggest that you try it at least once in your lifetime. It’s extremely fun! Winning becomes a whole different ball game altogether. In this case, it was not about winning but about beating our own personal bests – as a team.

Hood to Coast was the first for my team, the first time a SEA team was being sent. We were completely clueless and inexperienced. We bought food that spoilt quickly, too many gels – landed up looking longingly at other teams that had real food to eat while we only had bars and gels which completely ruined out digestive system (shan’t go into details.. ), my van landed up not sleeping and were grouches and so on. It was so much fun! Huge team bonding and till today, we often look back fondly as that being the best race. We had several more after, new people, new teams. But it never felt the same. Strangely, somehow.

One more day to the weekend – I’m excited about it, how about you? Hope the week has been going stellar for you so far. Enjoy the vid.

P.S Haven’t done a video in ages – where did I have the time for that before?!
P.P.S Seriously thinking of what race to do this year.. nothing planned though hmm something might come up in April. MAYBE. Stay tuned..

We Run SG 10K 2012

October 27th, 2012 No Comments »

My third race for the year, completely unprepared. I’ve not run in months. I did a 7km run a few weeks before the race which happened barely two day after I returned from NYC so I was still severely jet-lagged. I hardly slept the night before – 3 hours maybe and was thinking of just sleeping in instead. However, when the alarm clock rang, I decided to hurl myself out of bed. Felt quite okay so I thought heck, I’ll just run it.

Surprisingly, I felt good throughout the race and kept a steady decent pace. Hmmm maybe Hello Panda biscuits are good fuel afterall (I’d two packs for breakfast). Towards the end, I thought I could actually break 55 minutes but as usual, the last kilometer took forever to run so it was slightly over 55 minutes. Nonetheless, I’m still happy with my race and timing. I did pay dearly the next two days as I ached to high heavens. Note to self: refrain from racing without training in future.

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