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Plus one

July 26th, 2012 2 Comments »

I’ve been tardy with updates and haven’t been cooking lately (miss it terribly) but for several good reasons. I’m working on a new project which is both exciting but tiring and taking up almost all of my free time.

The home that I purchased last year is finally ready and now I’m in the midst of getting everything together before moving in so you can imagine how insanely hectic that is. If there’s anything I’ll say, living on your own, owning a place, forces you to grow up quickly. When you own it, it’s a whole difference (even versus renting). I don’t know how to explain it but you know how when you first bought a place with your partner and you divide and conquer to get everything together, this is all my own, planning, deciding, budgeting ecetera. It’s this whole learning experience that is both hair-pulling yet incredibly enriching.

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Message tiles

June 22nd, 2012 1 Comment »

My birthday is coming up and being the over-practical couple that we both are, we seldom do surprises. Boring but it works for us. Instead of one big ticket item for this year’s pressie, I’m having mine in 5 (smaller) installments :)

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A weekend of good company Part 1

May 5th, 2012 2 Comments »

There is something that I love ab

out entertaining. Setting the table, cooking, plating and best of all, enjoying good company. Last weekend was a busy one for us. We had my closest two pals over and another whom I natter with both during and outside of work and there is just something about good company that makes you smile. We sat around in our little small studio, sprawled all over (wherever there was an available spot), munch on veggie sticks, cheese and crackers, getting ribbed and teased for being Miss Perfect and us two earning the label of Mr and Mrs Martha Stewart – all in good measures and everyone had a good time.

And though that was one full busy day of preparing, we were tired after the cooking and washing up, I went to bed contented and feeling blessed with beautiful friendship. If you have never invited friends over, entertained and just put together one, do try it at least once. That delight and appreciation on your friends’ faces, knowing that you’ve put in effort and feeling the love.. is totally worth it.

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D.I.Y paper tray

April 29th, 2012 3 Comments »

I have a penchant for pretty paper and wrapping, whimsical packaging, polka dotted and colorful striped delicate paper. And a lot more. One day, I want to have a bigger house so that I can collect all of these – together with my linen cloths and crockery and design books. It’s just too tricky in a small studio space.

Last Christmas, J gave me a lovely gift. It was wrapped in the cutest wrapping paper ever and I opened it with much care with the intent of keeping it. I managed to save it but haven’t been able to turn it into something useful until I found a D.I.Y tutorial which would perfectly use it!

I converted these Ikea trays using a few simple craft materials and after about twenty minutes, I now own my very own personalized serving trays :) My first tray wasn’t perfect as there are some creases (not noticeable till up close) and the paper folded around to the back was a bit ‘rough-looking’ but not bad for a first attempt 😛 The second tray was done better. I used 3 different types of modge-podge – matte to adhere the paper to the tray, glitter for the top coating and a shiny coat on top of that! I love the glitter finish (it’s pretty and sparkly close up – hard to capture it on photo) and using a roller sponge gives it a different sort of texture. If a smoother finish is preferred, use a wide paint brush.

These will also make perfect gifts to – just buy these cheap trays from Ikea, a favorite paper design (get nice ones from Kikki.K , Paper Market, Paper Source – please share any other lovely paper sources!), modge podge (obtained from Art Friends), a rolling sponge or paint brush and a pair of scissors. Or, it’ll be a great craft session for kids!

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Little wonders

April 24th, 2012 6 Comments »


Sometimes, every so once in awhile, you need to step back and savor the little things.

Like a chilled glass of choya whilst surfing the Web.

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It’s a small but wonderful space

April 21st, 2012 6 Comments »

This post comes about for several reasons.

Firstly, thanks from the bottom of my heart for all the lovely comments and emails that have been streaming in regarding my cooking entries. I am glad that everyone is enjoying the sharing of recipes and getting inspired from my cooking adventures :) It encourages me and inspires me to keep cooking and baking! I am also happy that many are trying out the recipes and letting me know that it’s been successful. Please keep them coming in!

So I also had a few questions around cooking in a small kitchen and whether that limits what you can cook ecetera. I actually laughed when I saw the questions because the truth is, T and I live in a tiny space. Tiny meaning, just under 500 sqft studio so you can imagine how ridiculously tiny the kitchen is! In fact, I can safely say, most of you would likely have kitchens larger than ours so the answer is – don’t let the size of your kitchen deter you from cooking!

Just for the fun of it, I’ve decided to show some pictures of our tiny kitchen. First one above is our small stove with just TWO hobs. In reality, it is mostly challenging to be using both concurrently unless small pots are used because the hobs are set very closely together. So when I cook, I try to find dishes that enable me to use the stove and oven concurrently. As for the sink, you can see that it is very small – drying rack too. So we basically wash up (immediately) along the way!

Speaking of the oven…

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Breakfast @ The Studio

March 31st, 2012 13 Comments »

I’m quite a lucky girl. While most guys here expect the woman to cook and clean, T is quite hands on about it. In fact, he often cooks for me especially on weekdays when I’m lazy and sometimes on weekends, when I’m training or just tired, he cooks breakfast for me. Inspired by a post on Smitten Kitchen, I decided to make breakfast today. It wasn’t difficult at all – I just took a long time because I was snapping photos in between 😛

So this was it! Breakfast at The Studio. And yep! He said he loved it and said thanks a number of times so it made breakfast a success!

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