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Back to the +503

December 15th, 2011 No Comments »

This gorgeous picture was taken early morning in Pottyland and it was a beautiful day albeit wintery cooold. The trip over to +503 also concluded my work trips for the year and can I say that I’m quite relieved?

Some wise person once said that Change is constant. Indeed. However, I would also add that too much change results in insanity. Everyone looks for that bit of familarity, even if it’s a whisper of it, just so that you don’t keep finding yourself needing to adjust.. constantly. There’s been a lot of changes happening. Perhaps, way too much. I guess, sometimes, we just need to hang on tight and see where the ride takes us too.

This was probably the coldest winter experience in Portland. I was prepared with layers to pile on and peel off. It was also challenging to run outdoors so I tried my best to squeeze in runs at the hotel gym and managed just two (not ideal) but better than nothing. As all winters, the days are short but for us, our days were long so it was almost all dark and gloom whenever we were out as we were mostly indoors. We tried to keep our spirits up with a few happy dinners and the usual team ramblings.

Enjoy a couple more pictures below the cut!

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July 21st, 2011 No Comments »


I’ve been too busy with travels etcetera so I’ll take a break from Tumblr Favorites. Meanwhile, you can still follow me on my Tumblr. I just changed the design layout of it and quite liking how artsy it looks now :)

Meanwhile, this heat wave in the U.S is killing me.

7.10 Tumblr Favorites

July 16th, 2011 No Comments »

Sunday. Guess why I love this room design? :P

Monday. ROFL! Imagine if a voice accompanied the alarm alerts

Tuesday. What shoe should I wear?

Wednesday. A D.I.Y summer hat. What a brillant idea!

Thursday. Dying to cook.

Friday. Wander-lust

Saturday. I should print this out and pin it onto my board.

 Credit/Click on individual photos

I often wonder – who are all these people behind these fabulous photos? Every once in awhile, I’ll surf onto a site and ‘tumblr’ it but most often, I just re-post. The reason why I love Tumblr is mainly because of the great photography and inspirational quotes. Wouldn’t it be great if Tumblr and Pinterest could be somehow combined?

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6.12 Tumblr Favorites

June 18th, 2011 2 Comments »

Sunday. Summer drinks have to be the prettiest looking ones ever, agree?

Monday. The reason why you always need to date someone of similar values. Keeps you grounded and true to what you believe in.

Tuesday. There's always something magical about carnivals

Wednesday. I want to be strong and lean like her.

Thursday. Because nobody's perfect.

Friday. Isn't Elle Fanning (Dakota Fanning's lil sister) simply gorgeous? And I heard, just as talented too.

Saturday. Loving the deliberate messy yet chic hairdo. I want to do up my hair like this!

Credit/Click on images above

I love summer. All the pictures on Tumblr have been bright and cheery and summer colors are simply amazing. I think it’s also during summer that I get utterly broke buying almost every piece of item that I see online just because the color is.. amazing. Tangerine orange, sunshine yellow, melon green, punch pink and the prints of stripes, polka dots and florals.
I got a couple of summer buys and I’ll post some pictures in a bit but meanwhile, enjoy the weekend!
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6.5 Tumblr Favorites

June 11th, 2011 No Comments »

Sunday. I should make a parfait or equivalent. Doesn't it look delish?

Monday. Goldies are my favorites. These pups made me go arwww

Tuesday. A lovely idea for the house

Wednesday. I think I would love to do a balloon photo shoot some day.


Thursday. I have to attempt all of Cup of Jo's hairstyles. This is absolutely chic!

Friday. There is something about the long silky sashes that makes this picture extra sweet

Saturday. All you need for summer – sunnies, a hat and sunblock

 Credit/Click on images

I am feeling less frazzled this week. There’s a lot to look forward to! I keep thinking of a picnic, hanging out by the beach with a jug of pimms or some refreshing summer (alcoholic) drink. Soon, soon. Oh, and a trip down to the farmer’s market.

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5.29 Tumblr Favorites

June 4th, 2011 No Comments »


Sunday. It really doesn't quite matter where, as long as it's with the one whom you truly love

Monday. Life becomes very dull if you stop dreaming, stop imagining. Sometimes, a little dreaming won't hurt..

Tuesday. I miss May. There were so many mid-week holidays, it was lovely. Imagine having breakfast like this on a weekday.

Wednesday. For the mid-week crisis. It was hair-pulling for me.

Thursday. The One, should be the one who brings out the best in you.

Friday. Oh, Baby! Won't it be nice to be outside having a picnic like this?

Saturday. I want to re-visit Chi-town. J, are you reading this?

Credit/ Click on images

I’ve been enjoying writing my Tumblr entries. It is like a mini reflection of how I feel throughout the week. I’ve survived my second or is it third hectic work week (it’s a cycle and I’m used to it but I still do get tired).

I am really looking forward to our upcoming holiday, I hope nothing comes in the way this time around. My trip to NYC earlier this year was cancelled *boo but at least, I still have the SF half-marathon at the later part of the year. Many have asked if I intend to run a marathon this year? The answer is – No. I decided to take a break this year and focus on getting faster and perhaps next year, I’ll do my third marathon. I have 5 more to go – destinations to be confirmed but I’m eyeing Tokyo, Honolulu, Berlin, and maybe London, maybe Paris. Oh. I heard there’s a Napa Valley half-marathon where you run AND drink throughout the course. 😛

I digressed again.. but hope that your week has been stellar. And the weekend, even better.

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May 28th, 2011 No Comments »

Sunday. It's officially summer! Dresses like these? Me me.

Monday. Lovin' the high hair bun and the glasses. I should get glasses like these.

Tuesday. This photo took my breath away.

Wednesday. A dress like this will definitely chase away the mid-week blues.

Thursday. The look I've never had the courage to try out!

Friday. Hear hear.

Saturday. Life is a journey, not a destination.

Click on pictures for source

This week has (again) be somewhat crazy. Earlier mornings than usual, non-stop meetings and one of those days when all I wanna do is to curl up under the covers and.. sleep. I’m glad this week is over, it’ll still be busy next week but one step at a time ya? My short break away from work now is clicking onto Tumblr and going ‘re-post, re-post, re-post’. It’s quite therapeutic. Hope everyone is having a swell week so far!

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