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Dream big, do it

January 5th, 2015 2 Comments »


Life doesn’t always quite go the way that you’ve planned for example, I wasn’t envisioning starting off 2015 sick! I successfully avoided two major office flu bugs that plagued the entire team last year and I was one of the two to three left standing, then wham this swooped in unexpectedly. But life is often like that right? So I’m tackling this with gusto and looking on the positive side – hey, losing weight at the start of the year isn’t a bad thing after all 😛

But seriously, hello 2015?! 2014, no wait, 2013 just seemed like just a little while back ago. I think what really hits you that time has really flown by is when you look at the little ones around you, look at the photos and realize how much they have changed and grown.

2014 did fly by faster than I would have wanted it to be and I think at times, I was to blame for always being in a hurry and not slowing down to enjoy life a little. But I’ve gained more than I could have asked for and for that I am grateful. It is always easy to wish for more and want more but when I look around me and see how much more I’ve gained and I have, that I learn to be more appreciative.

I’ve always been inspired by quotes and I let that guide me through the year. My dear gf gifted me this lightbox for Christmas and the first quote that I’ve put in is – Dream big, do it. I’ve a goal and a dream and quite a big one, so let’s aim to get there!

And as every year, I will write down a list of goals or resolutions that I’ve set for myself for the new year. For last year, I would say I did okay. I aimed to sleep by 11pm and have managed to improve on that. I would like to do it every single day, but it’s not realistic, but there will be exceptions and at least, I’ve drastically lessen the days where I use to sleep way past midnight. As I get older, I do need more sleep especially when work takes a lot out of my brain power during the day. I’ve a couple more on the list, some old, some new, and every now and then, I’ll look at it to remind myself of what I’ve set out for myself. Perhaps, I need to look at it before I sleep each night to keep myself laser focus.

Whatever goals that we have set out for ourselves, I had say, let’s dream big and go do it. Whether it is that dream vacation that we’ve been dreaming of, something seemingly small but that hugely impacts the quality of your life, just do it. It’s often the seemingly smallest goals that are the hardest to achieve (like for me it’s uh drink more water!!) and the largest goals that might land up being the simplest to achieve. Nonetheless, 2015 will be awesome, as long as we see it so and want it to be!



March 22nd, 2014 No Comments »

Twice in a week and it never gets old. I’m sure my cholesterol isn’t singing the same tune though. I’m always happy to introduce to my friends, fab places to eat. Brought my favorite people at work to Fat Cow. And in that same week, introduced it to my family. It always makes me happy to see that it’s well received.

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Customizing Sneakers

November 17th, 2013 No Comments »


I’ve always said that my ‘sense of fashion’ got somewhat better after I joined the Swoosh. Handling apparel and footwear on a daily basis seems to make me more interested in the fashion world. Ironic as it sounds because I work in a sports company where everyone dresses casual. I love the flexibility of dressing down whenever I want though I’m mostly dressed up just because it makes me feel more empowered doing so.

Much as I love fabrics and fashion and hardly really ever wear sneakers (Nike Flyknit Racers are my latest favorites), my love is definitely in ‘footwear’. The intricacies and complexities of a shoe, understanding the breakdown of a midsole, outsole, upper, mesh, breathable materials, suede, nubuck ecetera.. it often fascinates me. There is a certain way to hold a shoe when you present it. There is a certain way to ‘romance’ the product. It’s part of my job and something that I enjoy doing. You’ll often find my team and I going oooh and ahhh over a pair of newly minted kicks that come fresh out of the box, scrutinizing every detail, stitch and color and sometimes even sniffing the shoes – sounds mad.. I assure you it isn’t.

I was extremely stoked when I had the opportunity to attend a customization workshop with my company. I was told I could customize my own pair of Air Force 1 kicks, put a favorite quote on it, a logo, initials or anything that had significance to me. It was pretty much a last minute notification so I didn’t have much time to mull over it. I’m a great lover of quotes, often finding deep significance in every that I book mark or re-read over and over again. The problem was, each was lengthy and then I suddenly remembered one which came from a tattoo of a friend. I asked if I could steal the quote and he laughed and said sure. So that was how mine came about.

The workshop is conducted by Mark Ong and his lovely wife Sue-Anne. You can peep at their site to see more pictures of the previous workshops and the artwork completed by the students. We were given a ‘live’ demonstration on how to prepare a sneaker for painting, yes, every pair is painstakingly hand painted! We learnt a few tricks on applying our pre-prepared decals which Mark had prepared for us based on our requirements and it’s really interesting to see the story behind each of my team mates (pity I didn’t have time to take photos of the rest but you can likely view it on his site – look at the set of pictures under Nike EM/SEA). I had forgotten to think of my color palette so I landed up using my arm swag as my muse and color inspiration palette :) Utterly pleased on how it turned out.

Acrylic paints are used for painting sneakers and a number of the colors are customized by the couple themselves. This was my first time working with fluid acrylics and it’s an easy medium to work with. Oh ladies, do not go with manicured nails because they will be pretty much destroyed when you ‘prep’ the sneakers surface. You’ve been warned :) Deciding on the colors is one thing and figuring out how you want to apply the color blocking is another. I landed up doing it bit by bit, seeing how the colors came to live and then deciding along the way on the other colors that I wanted to add on. It was literally starting off with a blank canvas and being creative and personalizing it along the way. You get about 4-5 hours for the workshop and time really flies by so for this introductory workshop, don’t go all fancy – save that for the other workshops where you can do cool designs like cameo, leopard prints ecetera.

It was so satisfying seeing the completed product at the end of it all and I proudly took home my very own customized and personalized pair of kicks. The shoes are a little too big for me and I don’t wear Air Force 1 in any case so they now hang proudly in my walk-in. If you would love to do something like this, do check out the sites and also, I think this makes a fab gift for a partner if they are sneaker lovers.

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New beginnings

October 7th, 2013 3 Comments »

Almost every little girl’s dream is to be a world class ballerina.

Perhaps, I’m generalizing :) But, I do believe, that at some point in time, every most little girls dream of being a dancer. At some point in time… at least for me, I did. To own that long lean limbs of a ballet dancer, that lithe figure, the grace, the flexibility and most of all, the ability to move an audience.

I’m going to share a few little secrets of myself today. Well, maybe, secrets to those new who are reading because most would have probably have known this if you’re a personal friend of mine or have been reading this space for awhile.

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Don’t give up when it’s over

May 28th, 2013 No Comments »

Hullo. I hope everyone had a lovely long weekend – knowing that it was Vesak’s Day back in Singapore and Memorial Weekend here in the U.S. Mine was nothing less than spectacular. It was San Francisco last weekend and a road-trip down to Crater Lake  for the weekend that just passed. Fabulous company, great catch-ups and re-connecting back with nature – I seriously couldn’t ask for more.

Totally unplanned, I did more running than I expected and I would say, it was good. I almost forgot what I’ve always loved about running, how it has taught me so much since I started on it in 2004 so thanks to my friend H for being tough on me and making me addicted to it once again. As I was digging up an old post to share, and re-watching the video (which made me tear all over again), I realized how my ‘never give up’ mentality was developed and driven by running and how when things went downhill (and rough) as they did over the last year, I kept chugging on, kept believing and kept keeping faith.

To all the wonderful friendships, beautiful things in life, hopes and dreams that are out there waiting for us to reach out, chase and hold onto, big cheers. I’ll try to catch up on my postings later this week after work settles down a little (for a short while) but first of all, I have an article to submit for a digital magazine which I’ll be guest posting on – hang tight for that one :) A couple more weeks before I move back to Singapore – it’s gonna be bittersweet.

Koh Grill & Sushi Bar

November 11th, 2012 2 Comments »

I try not to blog about the same place twice. Unless, it’s really good. In this case, since the Food Republic food court at Wisma Atria went through some massive renovations recently and people were wondering if Koh Grill & Sushi Bar was still around, here’s saying – yes it is!

Many places start off good, then standards slide. But I’ve eaten at Koh Sushi countless times and have never been disappointed. If you’ve never tried it, please do, and though the rest of the menu looks tempting, just order the ‘Shiok Maki 1’ – you have to trust me on that!

Koh Grill & Sushi Bar
4th floor in Food Republic of Wisma Atria
(go up the escalators, turn right – can’t miss it!)


June 23rd, 2012 No Comments »

Doing a bit of a design makeover so I’ll take a break from blogging for awhile. Timely too because work is getting a bit overwhelming! Will be back soon!

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