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Nursery Hot Air Balloon Mobile

January 6th, 2013 6 Comments »


A few days after Christmas, I decided to embark on a project. Or rather, get started on a project that I had planned to do for Kieran’s nursery after being inspired by crafty Z. The bub was born two weeks back and I finally got my act together and popped by Art Friends to get craft supplies for my first solo sewing project. For those that follow my public IG, you would have seen photos of the progress and completion of the project which stretched over 6 days (couldn’t finish it in a day it was draining!) and clocked in about 15 hours of labor!

Tutorial was courtesy of the extremely creative and talented Joy of How Joyful. Please visit her site to download the template and read her helpful tips. I had to self-figure out some things on my own but it helped that I had previously done a similar crafting project. I wouldn’t say it’s difficult, you do need to know how to sew basic stitches and have a lot of patience! My stitches are terrible so it’s a good thing the hot air balloons are hung high up and no one can inspect the handiwork 😛

The required materials are detailed on Joy’s site. Instead of invisible thread (which I found a pain to work with because it’s so difficult to see!) fishing line might work better. You’ll also need a pair of scissors, tracing paper to trace out the shapes and pin it onto the felt (it’s easier than using paper – I used my baking sheet), pins, flat head plier for the attachment of the ‘baskets’ and I think that’s about it. I got all materials from Art Friend – Daiso sells felt as well.

I would say I much prefer cooking over sewing (hand-sewing these were painful!) but I did have some fun doing it. However, I don’t think I’ll be starting on another project anytime soon. Meanwhile, enjoy the pictures!

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D.I.Y paper tray

April 29th, 2012 3 Comments »

I have a penchant for pretty paper and wrapping, whimsical packaging, polka dotted and colorful striped delicate paper. And a lot more. One day, I want to have a bigger house so that I can collect all of these – together with my linen cloths and crockery and design books. It’s just too tricky in a small studio space.

Last Christmas, J gave me a lovely gift. It was wrapped in the cutest wrapping paper ever and I opened it with much care with the intent of keeping it. I managed to save it but haven’t been able to turn it into something useful until I found a D.I.Y tutorial which would perfectly use it!

I converted these Ikea trays using a few simple craft materials and after about twenty minutes, I now own my very own personalized serving trays :) My first tray wasn’t perfect as there are some creases (not noticeable till up close) and the paper folded around to the back was a bit ‘rough-looking’ but not bad for a first attempt 😛 The second tray was done better. I used 3 different types of modge-podge – matte to adhere the paper to the tray, glitter for the top coating and a shiny coat on top of that! I love the glitter finish (it’s pretty and sparkly close up – hard to capture it on photo) and using a roller sponge gives it a different sort of texture. If a smoother finish is preferred, use a wide paint brush.

These will also make perfect gifts to – just buy these cheap trays from Ikea, a favorite paper design (get nice ones from Kikki.K , Paper Market, Paper Source – please share any other lovely paper sources!), modge podge (obtained from Art Friends), a rolling sponge or paint brush and a pair of scissors. Or, it’ll be a great craft session for kids!

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Hot Chocolate Spoons

December 22nd, 2011 No Comments »


I chuckled when I saw this. Such an ingenious and fun idea! If you have a last minute Christmas party to attend and need to bring a gift, these are brilliant! Also, I’m thinking, I shall do this one day when I invite some of my girlies over for a hot chocolate sesh – imagine swirling these decadent treats into a piping hot mug of cocoa Pure BLISS.

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Crafting in Tokyo

July 10th, 2011 1 Comment »

Crafts that T and I made – 2 cushion balls, 6 coasters and 6 button magnets

Photos courtesy of Z’s husband D

Aside from eating our way through Tokyo and doing a little bit of shopping, we learnt crafting from Z sensei. It sounds a little insane to be making crafts but it turned out to be a lot of fun. In fact, T himself opted to do some and totally enjoyed himself.

We started off fabric shopping at Nippori which is I kid you not, fabric haven. It’s like Arab Street or Chinatown where you can find all sorts of fabric designs, buttons and the works. We spent a long time choosing our fabrics and those that you see in our final product were all chosen by us!

I now have a new found respect for people that do crafting. Z does them at top speed so it’s quicker but even so, it’s very time consuming. We made the magnet buttons pretty quickly and the coasters, but the cushions took a little while. The night before we left, I got a little insane and started sewing a pouch and made three broaches (not pictured – will post pictures later). I must admit that it’s quite addictive and it reminded me of those days when I was a kid and used to crochet using raffia, and cross-stitch. My Grandma was an excellent crafter and she knitted, crochet, sewed etc and she often encouraged my sis and I to dabble into it – which we did a little. But that was an awfully long time back.

Z told me that I can now sew dresses and I went, Uh I don’t think so! We sewed those items quickly and quite easily because she guided us along the way and told us which parts to put together and we just literally – sewed.

Between scrapbooking and crafting i.e. sewing, I think I prefer the latter. You can actually use the items and as long as you get some good fabric with a design that works, the options are endless. At the end of the night, after I’d sewn a pouch and 3 broaches, T laughed and asked if I wanted a sewing machine for my birthday and I immediately said – NO!!! I don’t think I can do it on my own plus, together with crafting comes fabric, buttons etc i.e. lots of storage space required so not for now at least.

If you ever want to try your hand at it, make some kids’ clothes or small items, hop over to Z’s blog to get some tutorials and tips.

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