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Seoul food

May 4th, 2012 No Comments »

3 reasons why I love Seoul – the cosmetics (Laniege!), shopping (doota, dongdaemon, myeongdong!) and the food mostly barbequed beef, bibimbap and chap chay. Oh. And yuzu. I’d no idea Yuzu is originally from Korea and not from Japan!

The team was thrilled when our training was scheduled to be in Seoul. The upside of traveling with a large team is that it is a lot more fun and sometimes, it makes missing home less painful. We bond over food and time spent together over the long flight times and I think it’s always good for the team bonding overall. We had fabulous colleagues in Seoul that were not only hospitable, but generous in their time to take us around and give us recommendations making our work trip memorable and fun.

P.S Looking through the pictures, I’m really missing my ex boss :( so J, if you’re reading this from Portland, yes, I miss your rubbish non-sensical teasing and witty sh*t that comes out of your mouth!

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Caffe Bene

April 23rd, 2012 No Comments »

Caffe Bene – a popular dessert cafe found all over Seoul, and we liked it so much, we returned 2-3 times for some sugar loading sessions. What’s good? The waffles with ice cream are a must-have (chewy with crispy brown edges) and the local dessert (forgot the name) which comes in huge glasses filled with ice chips and heaps of fruit and sweet gummy treats. It’s almost like the local ice kachang but with local Korean delights.

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Myoungdong Kyoja

April 14th, 2012 No Comments »

I do love Seoul for its shopping especially the very affordable cosmetics (Laniege, Faceshop etc are super cheap here!!). Doota shopping mall is also one of my favorites but aside from the shopping, food to me though good, is not something I crave for. I’m actually more of a Japanese cuisine type of girl and since I don’t take chili, I don’t eat kimchi or all the spicy food!  However, a place that really called out to me and where I had one of my best meals in Seoul, was at this dumpling shop over at Myeongdong. Myoungdong Kyoja (MDK) was a big rave amongst my colleagues so two of us decided to hunt for it just before we flew back home.

It is very popular amongst both locals and tourists and if you go during lunch/dinner periods, be prepared to stand in queue for around 45 minutes (the queue extends all the way outside and snakes all the way upstairs!). So may I recommend that you check it out say around 3-4pm where people are less likely to eat. We did just that and well, there was still a queue (fascinating) but we only waited for 5 minutes!

There are probably only 4-5 items on the menu. During summer period (I was there in August), they serve a cold noodles dish which is popular. However, we both personally preferred the hot noodles version! The must-have item is the dumplings which are insanely good! I don’t know how to describe it but it’s arguably one of the best dumplings that I’ve tasted!

This eatery is typically packed so it won’t be a place to linger around and chit chat. Everyone is packed tightly like sardines and the tables are lined up within inches of each other. So if you have a phobia of tight spaces, this might make you giddy. Nonetheless, worth checking out plus Myeongdong is a place for shopping so you don’t have to make a special trip way out to try this.

Myoungdong Kyoja
25-2 Myeongdong 2-Ga
Seoul, South Korea
(Look for the back entrance of Forever 21 and it’s across the street. It can be a bit tricky to find!)
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The heart and Seoul of Asia

August 16th, 2011 No Comments »

With the weeks getting increasingly hectic, I am trying to slow down and breathe, pace myself and not get overwhelmed by everything that is happening. B.R.E.A.T.H.E

I thought I’ll write a little on my recent trip to Seoul. It was a short work trip, it was exciting because it was a decade ago since I last visited Seoul, but albeit tiring. It was my first week of training (for the half marathon) and I was dragging my as* out to the gym at 6am trying to clock in miles. It didn’t totally go on plan but proud to say, I did clock in 80% of the program. We were busy busy busy and I was half glad that shops closed late in Seoul and it allowed us to get some much desired retail therapy which relaxed our frazzled nerves.

I’ll share more food pictures later on – there were some great food but in general, Korean food isn’t my favorite. I do like some of the sides, mains but not a fan of the cold noodles and non-stop BBQ. I landed up with uh some stomach worms issues. But that aside, it was still very much enjoyable.

Seoul, is special. There’s a different vibe about it. I tend to compare it to Tokyo, which is quite unfair, and in all honesty, I do prefer Tokyo in terms of vibe and food BUT, there’s a lot of uniqueness to it. The streets are buzzing with activities late through the night, everywhere is busy busy busy. The Koreans are very hospitable if you know them, and they will go great lengths to make your stay as comfortable. However, I did notice that store staff aren’t as helpful and strangers tend to be ‘rough’. I had women grabbing stuff off my hands while shopping (I was totally shocked) and people pushing me aside because I was ‘blocking’ the rack they wanted to sift through and people do shove a little. But our colleagues were all so gracious and warm, it was hard to let those little incidences ruin the whole Seoul experience.

Shopping here is fabulous mostly for beauty products. Everything is so incredibly cheap, all the girls returned with bags of stuff for family and friends. I got hair masks, tomato whitening masks, facial mask, everything and anything. I love the array of clothes here but didn’t buy a lot – not enough time. Don’t expect cheap Bangkok prices, dresses aren’t even cheap. More on that later but seriously, if I re-visit Seoul, it will be mostly for shopping 😛

For my future reference and for those visiting Seoul, here’s a quick list of places to visit and more to follow soon..

I will be getting very busy juggling travels, work, packing and moving but don’t worry, there’ll still be stuff to read. And I’ve not forgotten about my fantastic Tokyo adventures which will follow in due time and also, the rest of Colorado and Seoul. :)

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